Fastly acquires Glitch for edge developer tools and community

Fastly acquires Glitch for edge developer tools and community

Edge cloud platform provider Fastly is taking the step from partner to owner of project management community Glitch to upgrade its edge computing capabilities.

In February, Fastly partnered with Glitch so it could deploy Fastly’s [email protected] partner ecosystem. But Fastly took the step to ownership of Glitch to make [email protected] more accessible through Glitch’s interface, with the goal to open its serverless compute environment to 1.8 million developers. With [email protected], Fastly says “cold” starts that are the bane of developers will be obsolete. It will also allow enterprise developers on Glitch to build apps on Fastly’s edge network, access its Next-Gen WAF, and image optimization.

Lakshmi Sharma, chief product officer and strategy officer of Fastly, wrote in a blog post that Fastly was interested in Glitch for its “powerful, flexible environment” for full-stack web app developers with very easy deployment. She also notes its collaborative, vibrant community culture, and says Fastly will continue to nurture the Glitch developer community.

“Glitch has always been about enabling creativity by making it as easy as possible to go from an idea to a live, running app. So we’re incredibly excited to be joining Fastly and bringing that power and potential to far more developers,” says Anil Dash, CEO of Glitch. “We’re especially thrilled to think about the innovative new things people will build when we bring Fastly’s global edge network to every developer out there who’s got an idea for an app they just can’t wait to create.”

The company has from its start focused on developer experience, owing in large part to founder Artur Bergman’s experience in engineering and CTO roles at Wikia, Six Apart and his roles as a contributor to open source projects such as Varnish, the software which Fastly’s services are based. In 2022, Fastly also acquired virtual network emulation platform Tesuto.

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