Equinix Metal, InsidePacket join forces to develop a multi-cloud network for businesses

Equinix Metal, InsidePacket join forces to develop a multi-cloud network for businesses

Equinix Metal, a bare metal infrastructure service provider, has joined forces with InsidePacket, an end-to-end networking solution provider, to create a global multi-cloud network on Equinix Metal. The co-developed solution aims to provide a high-performance, low-latency connectivity network that can handle high traffic loads.

The solution provides companies easy access to, for example, the public cloud, colocation, Bare Metal-as-a-Service, and SaaS assets through the global multi-cloud network. The companies say the platform is designed to minimize the risk of malfunction and shorten the mean time to resolution (MTTR) via traffic and application monitoring capabilities. Meanwhile, InsidePack says it utilizes its unified network segmentation, FQDN filtering, and threat protection to provide security against cyberattacks and threats from multiple locations and cloud providers.

“By leveraging the on-demand infrastructure reach of Equinix Metal with integrated Equinix Fabric, InsidePacket has created robust on-demand multi-cloud connectivity and security as a solution,” said Zachary Smith, head of Edge Infrastructure at Equinix.

The rise in decentralized systems necessitates higher control, security and performance levels. To meet these demands, organizations look to create personalized solutions tailored to individual business requirements. This solution has a graphical user interface, REST API support and IT automation through Ansible and Terraform. The integration with Grafana allows visualization of the network traffic, while Elastic search enables log analytics.

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As a multi-cloud network uses multiple cloud computing services from different vendors, it allows businesses to take advantage of the benefits of each cloud provider. This will enable customers to avoid vendor lock-in and reduce the risk of downtime caused by disruptions from a single cloud service provider. Businesses can securely connect their digital resources across multiple clouds and IT environments by utilizing the hybrid cloud approach.

“Digital leaders are seeking ways to make managing high-performance hybrid multi-cloud deployments easier, and InsidePacket’s solution is a powerful example of the solutions available to deploy across Platform Equinix,” Smith added.

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