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EPI responds to market needs with new Modular Data Center Standard

EPI responds to market needs with new Modular Data Center Standard

Data center certification provider Enterprise Product Integration (EPI) recently introduced the “Modular Data Center Standard” (MDCS).

The modular data center market has experienced significant growth due to advancements in cloud and edge computing technologies. This new standard responds to a need for universally applicable technical standards in this fast-growing sector.

MDCS, developed by EPI and a global committee, including contributions from organizations like Huawei, is a standard that establishes technical requirements for indoor, modular data centers. EPI says it promotes uniformity, compatibility and sustainability in their implementation and management.

It includes environmental considerations, structural and electrical systems, mechanical components, cabling, security measures, fire safety, integrated wiring and monitoring and control subsystems.

The rise of large language models (LLMs) and generative AI has increased the demand for extensive data processing and computing power. This trend drives digital transformation and AI applications across sectors like the Internet, finance, education and healthcare.

Consequently, there is a growing need for reliable and available power in small and medium-sized data centers to meet the increased power density requirements.

In the past, small and medium-sized data centers used traditional construction methods, leading to long construction periods, complex installations, and limited environmental adaptability.

Modular data centers offer an integrated design, combining power distribution, cooling, cabinets, wiring and monitoring into a single module. With on-demand cooling and independent functionality, they eliminate the need for raised floors and reduce construction time. This approach is gaining popularity for small to medium-sized data centers.

EPI says MDCS fills the gap by providing a reference for modular data center construction, enhancing reliability and availability. It defines MDC as an indoor structure with cabinets, power, cooling subsystems and containment.

This standard provides detailed guidelines for structural design, cooling, power supply, safety, fire protection and monitoring. Key features include space-efficient shipping/transportation and easy assembly, the company says.

EPI offers data center services, including auditing, certification, consulting and training courses. Since 1987, the company designs, implements and maintains mission-critical data centers.

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