Embedded World 2022 brings new edge computing solutions from Supermicro, SolidRun

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Embedded World 2022 brings new edge computing solutions from Supermicro, SolidRun

The Embedded World 2022 trade show was the scene of a number of new product releases for edge computing in a range of indoor and outdoor settings.

Supermicro says its SuperEdge edge platform is commercially available, with newer chips bringing artificial intelligence capabilities closer to data. Supermicro also introduced a range of new systems, including the upgraded versions of IP65 outdoor edge systems and Hyper-E product family. The Intel processors offer more processing power per watt than previous generation chips, the company said.

Supermicro recently unveiled the SuperEdge, a multi-node system designed for optimized 5G, IoT and edge applications. The SuperEdge server offers high-density computer with rich input/output interfaces in a small form factor for space-constrained edge use cases, including retail automation, and healthcare setups. Several Supermicro edge systems are equipped with the Intel Xeon CPUs, including the Xeon D family of system-on-chip (SoC) products. Supermico has designed edge systems such as IP65 server platforms in a way that they can be deployed in outdoor environment for intelligent edge network.

“Our collaboration with Supermicro extends the reach of systems needed to meet demand in ruggedized environments and allows new solutions to be delivered to help increase innovation and decrease costs for many organizations,” said Jeni Panhorst, VP and GM of Network and Edge Compute Division at Intel.

At the same time at Embedded World 2022, SolidRun introduced a new high-performance system-on-module based on the Renesas RZ/G2 family of system-on-chips to serve the growing human-machine interface applications, industrial automation, and security surveillance. SolidRun RZ/G2 system-on-modules are designed to combine the MPU and GPU along with a commitment for long-term Linux software support. SolidRun SoMs will take advantage of the MPU’s 64-bit Arm Cortex-A55 processor cores and Arm Mali-G31 3D graphics processing unit. Leveraging the onboard hardware, the SoM is capable of delivering high performance for image processing adding value to the computer vision systems.

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Inside this tiny form factor device (measuring just 47×30 mm), SolidRun SoM is integrated with a hardware H.264 codec, embedded camera and display interface. The hardware platform is also pin-to-pin compatible with the company’s NXP i.MX8 Mini SOM to offer flexibility of integration for complex edge deployments. The edge system is publicly available.

“Working with Renesas, we’ve developed an affordable and surprisingly potent module based on their RZ/G2 line of MPUs that not only satisfies these requirements but adds serious value-adding capabilities for the price point,” said Dr Atai Ziv, CEO at SolidRun. “Furthermore, these new SOMs are pin-to-pin compatible with other SOMs we offer, which provides customers new platform options to consider for their products.”

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