EdgeIR Fireside Chat: Compass on laying the foundation of edge computing with edge data centers

The foundation of edge computing hinges on the strategic establishment of edge data centers. These localized facilities bring computation and data storage closer to the source of data generation, reducing latency and enhancing real-time processing.

In episode 18 of the Edge Industry Review Fireside Chat interview series, EdgeIR spoke with Tony Grayson, general manager at Compass Quantum about how his company views the edge data center market evolving.

In 2022, Compass Datacenters launched a business unit, Compass Quantum, to offer modular data centers delivered with an as-a-service model. The company unveiled plans to sell White Space as a Service (WSaaS) in the form of 100kW modular data centers through a pay-as-you-go system. Grayson adds that the company is building more sustainable facilities that use mass customization in the process to drive down costs.

By distributing computational tasks intelligently, edge data centers alleviate the strain on central cloud servers and empower applications like IoT, autonomous vehicles, and AI at the network’s edge. This architectural shift enhances efficiency, responsiveness, and data privacy. Compass Datacenters specializes in modular data center deployments, with the aim of transforming the way data centers are designed, built, and scaled. Their approach addresses the growing demands of the digital age by offering flexible and efficient solutions.

Compass Datacenters’ modular approach offers several advantages. Grayson explains that it reduces construction time significantly compared to traditional data center builds, allowing companies to get their infrastructure up and running faster. This speed is crucial in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

Grayson identifies that edge can be found in metropolitan areas now, which means the industry is getting to the point where it’s no longer feasible to put high density racks in a closet, they need to go somewhere else. As a result, people are looking for on-prem or near-prem solutions, and the only real choice currently is retail, but retail is only 1% free for some solutions that are on the market.

Show timestamps

00:59 How Compass’ edge data center construction process is different from other modular data center providers

04:47 How the process impacts the total cost and time it takes to build a Compass data center

06:15 Trends witnessed regarding the process it of getting Compass data centers up and running

07:24 How much cost and time can customers save with this new approach

09:23 Day to day operations of running an edge data center

10:45 What makes Compass’ process different from the traditional modular data center process

12:01 How Compass encourages customers to invest in edge data centers

14:22 Notable use cases for selling edge to telcos

18:50 Opportunities that will drive Compass Datacenters in the future

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