Edgegap’s new distributed relay network is now available to game developers worldwide

Edgegap’s new distributed relay network is now available to game developers worldwide

Canadian-based edge computing and infrastructure automation company Edgegap has unveiled its distributed relay network.

The company says that the network is now accessible to game developers globally, and is equipped with the power of over 17 providers across 550+ locations worldwide.

Through the use of cloud infrastructure, Edgegap’s distributed relay network now offers over 40 times more relay locations for game servers to be deployed at locations nearest to the users. EdgeGap claims this slashes latency for 70% of players in comparison to traditional peer-to-peer networking.

Edgegap’s network has been revamped for games developers, for the ability to enable cross-play, to increase security against DDoS attacks, and to resolve common NAT issues in peer-to-peer networking.

“This announcement marks a significant milestone for Edgegap as we expand our existing platform of orchestration and hosting solutions to include distributed relays,” says Mathieu Duperre, founder and CEO of Edgegap.

“We’ve worked closely with game developers every step of the way to ensure our relay network is perfectly tailored for multiplayer games – and this latest achievement means Edgegap is now truly a one-stop-shop for all gaming hosting needs.”

Some benefits include the time integrating the distributed relay network takes, with Edgegap adding that it can be done in minutes. Also, the platform provides an API for integration and is compatible with open-source netcodes such as Mirror Networking and Unreal Engine Networking.

“Working with Edgegap during the BETA launch of the network was a game-changer. As indie developers, time is one of our most precious assets,” adds Kyle Haskett, CEO and Founder of Space Rats Studios.

“The all-in-one solution and seamless integration meant freedom from time-consuming backend development, and more resource to focus on doing what we do best: creating games that players will love.”

Edgegap’s distributed relays are set to support more major netcodes in the future.

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