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Edgegap, Zebedee use edge infrastructure to deliver Bitcoin transactions to game developers

Edgegap, Zebedee use edge infrastructure to deliver Bitcoin transactions to game developers

Fintech company Zebedee and server orchestration platform Edgegap have announced a new partnership that promises to bring Bitcoin transactions to multiplayer games while leveraging Edgegap’s edge orchestration technology.

Mathieu Duperre, the CEO of Edgegap, expresses enthusiasm for the collaboration: “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Zebedee to continue our mission to democratize access to distributed server orchestration. We hope this partnership will empower developers to confidently deploy their games worldwide with near-zero latency for a flawless multiplayer experience.”

The companies say the partnership will enable developers to utilize Zebedee’s payments platform for sending, receiving and paying with Bitcoin transactions as small as $0.0002. This technology allows for real-time micro-transactions based on player actions in the game, with no fees or delays in settlement.

According to the companies, to ensure a smooth gaming experience, Edgegap brings its distributed cloud network with 450+ locations worldwide. The company says this will enable game instances to be deployed in the optimal location for near-zero latency, regardless of player platform, location or internet access type.

Edgegap says it also offers a 99.9% uptime rate for performance and availability.

Ben Cousens, the chief strategy officer at Zebedee, also comments on the partnership: “Zebedee is proud to add Edgegap as part of its ecosystem of tools and products to give our developer partners on-demand access to premium multiplayer server infrastructure that can natively incorporate our own payments capabilities.”

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology to record and verify transactions. As the adoption of blockchain technologies has increased in recent years, there has been a growing need for robust infrastructure that provides a secure and highly distributed network of servers. Edgegap’s technology is used to automatically scale applications and server infrastructure. Other recent announcements in the edge infrastructure space include Hivelocity expanding its bare metal services in Europe to support blockchain deployments.

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