EdgeConnex may electrify business with a move into EV charging for fleets

EdgeConnex may electrify business with a move into EV charging for fleets

Edge data center pioneer EdgeConnex appears to be moving business in an interesting new direction — almost literally. The company is building up an Electric Vehicle team with executive and intern hires to acquire, develop and operate electrical fleet charging stations across the United States.

The EdgeConnex website said, “We are enabling the future of fleet mobility and the transition to renewable energy through our solutions including EV charging, driver amenities, maintenance/servicing, an Edge Data Center, battery storage, and more.” The accompanying graphic shows an edge data center with fleet charging stations, driver amenities and 5G masts attached.

The company declined to provide further comment on its strategy. The news was first reported by Christian Koch in his Foundation newsletter.


There is quite a bit of debate in the industry as to where edge data centers will be located. Should it be at the aggregation edge like a cell tower or further back at a peering point in a regional data center? This new division suggests that EdgeConnex wants to leverage the power supply already piped to the “regional” edge (with the proviso that EdgeConnex sometimes has multiple edges within a region such as Denver, CO.), plant a 5G mast there, and power up the EV fleets of the future. EV charging, in that case, sounds like a smart bet for a data center provider.

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