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EdgeConneX, Ethernity, and Infinera unveil new edge connectivity offerings

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EdgeConneX, Ethernity, and Infinera unveil new edge connectivity offerings

EdgeConneX recently announced it will deploy the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect 100Gbps network at its Portland Edge Data Center. Also, Ethernity Networks released the programmable UEP-60 Universal Edge Platform 5G router, and Infinera partnered with South Reach Networks (SRN) to unveil new long-haul and metro networks in the southeast U.S.

EdgeConneX deploys AWS Direct Connect 100Gbps

EdgeConneX said the new deployment will allow EdgeConneX to have higher availability and lower latency access to particularly data-intensive applications, including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), machine learning (ML), blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and more.

AWS Direct Connect will now also enable firms to connect their IT infrastructure directly to the AWS in the Portland Edge Data Center.

This not only establishes a private connection to the cloud that can reduce costs, but also increases performance, and provides a more secure and consistent network experience.

“AWS Direct Connect 100Gbps on-ramps within the EdgeConneX Portland facility significantly expands opportunities for enterprises to scale their businesses and advance digital transformation initiatives in a more meaningful way,” explained Aron Smith, VP Interconnection Product Management at EdgeConneX.

EdgeConneX has reportedly been an AWS Partner Network (APN) since 2016. Now, the firm will leverage the partnership further to expand connection options from 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps to up to 100Gbps.

Ethernity Networks released programmable 5G router

The Universal Edge Platform (UEP)-60 5G router has been designed by Ethernity Networks as a wireless backhaul Indoor/Outdoor Unit.

The UEP-60 specifically targets network edge infrastructure solutions, and particularly 5G networks, thanks to its integrated Layer-1 bonding, fronthaul gateway, small cell aggregation, or cell site gateway capabilities.

“UEP-60 brings a variety of value-added features, starting with standard routing functionality, together with our patented L1 Wireless Bonding, fronthaul interfaces, and other unmatched capabilities that no bare metal cell site router can provide,” said Oded Bergman, Ethernity VP of Products and Business Development.

The device also uses an FPGA (field-programmable gate array) SoC (System on Chip) for handling the data path and is equipped with a quad-core ARM processor to run the control stack.

The FPGA is also responsible for handling full routing functionality and security as add-ons.

UEP-60 offers programmability that equates to unparalleled flexibility, future proofs the device for capabilities still to come, and meets the demands of an emerging market,” Bergman concluded.

Infinera partners with South Reach Networks

In a joint announcement recently made by the companies, Infinera and SRN confirmed their new long-haul and metro networks are now live.

The 400-mile, low-latency fiber-optic network is powered by Infinera’s GX30 Series Modular Platform and features high-speed Ethernet and wavelength services intended to connect data centers, service providers, and enterprise customers on the Florida coast.

“South Reach Networks is one of the first to offer such robust options for lit services from Miami to Jacksonville, and to provide new diverse fiber services to the growing communities in the Central East Coast that historically had limited fiber options for these types of services,” explained Kevin Rocks, EVP Sales and Marketing for South Reach Networks.

Deploying Infinera’s GX G30 platform across the SRN network infrastructure will enable the firm to offer customers 10G, 100G, and 400G Ethernet and wavelength services while also enabling the SRN network to be expanded to 800G in the future.

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