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Eclipse Foundation survey shows edge AI is top workload as edge and IoT use gains traction

Eclipse Foundation survey shows edge AI is top workload as edge and IoT use gains traction

The Eclipse Foundation, which is home to several widely used IoT open source projects, has brought out a survey of developers and other practitioners deploying edge and IoT technologies.

The 2021 IoT & Edge Developer Survey contains some interesting findings for vendors and enterprises alike. For example, the geographical region which had the most projects was EMEA (39%) rather than North America (29%). Of the over 600 survey respondents, half the companies surveyed were small, with fewer than a hundred employees.

When it comes to IoT middleware choices, the report emphasized that the ‘race is still young’ because of the diversity in responses. AWS, though, was the most popular platform with 37% and Azure and Google followed with 27% and 22%, respectively. Interestingly though, an industry cloud appeared in the survey; Bosch’s industry cloud notched up a 10% share. The choice of public cloud showed more predictable choices with AWS, Azure, and Google dominating.

Key findings include:

  • Artificial Intelligence (21%) remains the top edge computing workload, unchanged from 2020. However, the number of workloads diversified significantly.
  • C and C++ are the most widely used programming languages for constrained devices. Developers prefer Python over Java for edge servers, IoT & edge gateways, and cloud platform development.
  • Security (46%), connectivity (38%) and deployment (31%) are the top three concerns for IoT developers.

The survey also showed that use patterns are changing for IoT. Up to this year (the survey is done annually) agriculture was the most popular vertical. However, for the first time, industrial automation is now the leading sector for IoT use cases.

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