Digital Twins will drive the future of digital transformation

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Digital Twins will drive the future of digital transformation

We are now at a major inflection point as modern technologies enable us to not only automate existing data but to monitor and act on what is happening in our physical environments, all in real time. As the world becomes increasingly digital, businesses spanning all industries must bridge the gap between physical systems and the virtual world.

This whitepaper explains how a “Digital Twin” is a model of the real world which can be brought to life through IoT sensors, event streams, and human-machine collaboration to accurately reflect what is currently happening. The next generation of Digital Twins represent complex environments such as a building, hospital, park, or oil refinery; allowing for much higher operational efficiency, safety, and security.

Learn why leading companies such as Ford, INESA, and SoftBank see Digital Twins as the future of digital transformation and how VANTIQ enables their creation.

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