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Dell Technologies launches an edge software platform for efficient deployment of edge infrastructure

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Dell Technologies launches an edge software platform for efficient deployment of edge infrastructure

Dell Technologies has launched an edge software operations platform, Dell NativeEdge, to assist organizations in the secure deployment of edge infrastructure while also improving operations and network performance. 

The company says that Dell NativeEdge offers extensive support for various enterprise use cases through zero-touch deployment and ensures secure onboarding of devices at scale, even in remote locations.

Based on an internal analysis conducted of nearly 100 customers in May 2023, the company’s findings indicate that customers can experience a return on investment of up to 130 percent over a three-year period. These results are attributed to the reduction in edge operations costs and streamlining of the deployment process. Additionally, the analysis reveals a reduction in device onboarding time, with each edge infrastructure asset requiring approximately 20 minutes for the onboarding process.

“Dell’s introduction of Dell NativeEdge offers an interesting new solution that addresses this complexity, and many of the security issues inherent with deploying devices and applications at the edge, with comprehensive software that aims to help customers streamline their edge operations,” says Jennifer Cooke, research director of Edge Strategies at IDC.

Smart warehousing is one of the more widely deployed edge use cases within the retail industry. Capitalizing on this market trend, Dell Technologies is expanding its retail edge solution by introducing Dell Validated Design for Retail Edge, in collaboration with inVia robotics intelligent automation. This automation solution is designed to improve workforce productivity and speed up the fulfillment of customer orders through the implementation of inVia robotics technology.  

As an extension of the Dell Private Wireless Program, Dell Technologies has unveiled a range of new solutions and capabilities aimed at helping its customers simplify their operations at the edge. One such introduction is the Dell Private Wireless with Airspan and Druid, a solution that empowers companies to establish secure wireless connectivity for remote edge locations where devices and sensors are distributed across edge locations. 

“With the introduction of Dell NativeEdge, we see new opportunities to integrate and better meet our customers’ mission-critical needs at the edge,” says Vandana Singh, senior vice president of Secure Power North America, Schneider Electric.

Dell Private Wireless with Airspan and Druid will be available globally in June 2023.

Meanwhile, Dell plans to offer NativeEdge software platform to customers, OEMs and partners in 50 countries beginning August 2023. Dell Validated Design for Retail Edge built with inVia Robotics will be available globally in August 2023. 

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