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Dell Technologies expands AI capabilities with new edge collaborations

Dell Technologies expands AI capabilities with new edge collaborations

In a bid to enhance AI deployment at the edge, Dell Technologies has announced new collaborations with NVIDIA, ServiceNow, and Microsoft. These partnerships aim to streamline the development, deployment, and scaling of AI applications with the introduction of the latest version of Dell NativeEdge, an edge operations software platform.

As part of the Dell AI factory initiative, Dell is deepening its partnership with NVIDIA to accelerate AI applications. Dell NativeEdge will now support NVIDIA AI enterprise, an extensive software platform that includes NVIDIA NIM and other microservices for developing and deploying production-grade applications.

The integration allows businesses to use NVIDIA’s AI tools seamlessly with Dell’s edge operations software, covering applications from video analytics and speech translation to optimized edge inferencing.

Dell NativeEdge is now integrated with ServiceNow’s Now Platform, offering a streamlined approach to managing IT operations from the core data center to the edge. This collaboration provides automated edge management, simplifying orchestration, management, and workflow of edge computing resources.

Dell is also leveraging Microsoft’s Azure Arc to improve edge operations. The new solution automates Azure Arc enablement, in a bid to make it easier for customers to integrate Azure services at the edge. This integration focuses on advancing AI capabilities and enhancing security using Zero Trust principles. It simplifies edge operations by offering curated deployment blueprints and seamless integration of Azure IoT operations on kubernetes.

Dell has additionally introduced six new NativeEdge solutions targeting manufacturing, retail, and digital cities. Notably, a new Unified Operations Center developed with Aveva improves data management and citizen services by providing a comprehensive operational view for urban planning. The solution integrates various city systems, leveraging Aveva’s expertise, Astrikos AI, and Dell NativeEdge for a secure, data-driven approach to urban management.

Dell is also launching two new services: ProConsult advisory services for edge and infrastructure and application design services for edge. These services are designed to help businesses assess their current edge capabilities, develop strategies, and design environments that maximize efficiency and return on investment.

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