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DataBank, Corsa Security automate cloud firewall security solution for simplified operations

DataBank, Corsa Security automate cloud firewall security solution for simplified operations

DataBank has partnered with Ottawa-based Corsa Security, a technology provider for automating firewall virtualization. As part of the collaboration, Corsa Security will integrate its virtual firewall services to enable DataBank to deploy, scale and optimize its Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Virtual Next-Generation Firewalls. The integration will enable DataBank to deliver streamlined and scalable managed virtual firewall services, the companies say.

Corsa’s Security Orchestration software is a unified platform to enable the optimization of virtual firewalls across data centers located around the globe. The platform can aggregate the data from multiple VM-Series Virtual Firewalls to monitor the system’s health, server resource allocation, infrastructure, and network utilization. According to Corsa Security, it will leverage the orchestration and automation on the DataBank platform to bring speed, simplicity and cost-efficiency.

“We are finding a growing number of customers who no longer want to own and manage physical firewalls,” said Jeremy Pease, senior vice president of managed services operations at DataBank. “The challenge was to quickly expand our managed virtual firewall offering to additional geographic markets as our business has grown rapidly over the last 12 months.”

A virtual firewall (also called a cloud firewall) is a network security solution designed for those systems where deploying hardware firewalls can be challenging, such as public and private cloud environments, SD-WAN networks and the like. Advancements in virtual firewall services have led to lower computational costs, opening up an opportunity for data center providers to offer managed services to help customers with the growing number of security and compliance risks they are facing.

Corsa Security says its software automates the lifecycle of on-premise virtual firewalls, optimizes server resource allocation through a unified solution, and integrates credit-based licensing.  Corsa Security Orchestrator offers simplified operations for on-premise virtual firewalls and does not require DevOps to add a new virtual firewall and replace the existing one or even re-allocate server and firewall resources.

“We’re delighted with the success of our deployment with DataBank,” says Eduardo Cervantes, CEO of Corsa Security. “With our Corsa Security Orchestrator, DataBank can automatically manage Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Virtual Firewalls per customer basis according to individual enterprise requirements. We look forward to helping more and more of DataBank’s customers realize the business agility possible with managed virtual firewalls.”

“The VM-Series Virtual Firewalls along with flexible licensing models enable seamless elasticity to satisfy constantly changing business needs and objectives,” said Mukesh Gupta, vice president of product management at Palo Alto Networks.


Data center providers have offered a number of built-in security services such as DDoS mitigation for all tenants, but have tended to leave the market for other layers of security to technology and managed service provider partners. With ongoing staffing shortages for security professionals, it is not surprising to see companies like DataBank deciding to offer services such as firewall security.

As the partnership suggests, this hasn’t been seen that much in the market yet because installing and managing fleets of virtual hardware has usually required too much time and cost. With automation technologies such as Corsa’s, managing security services may be less of an issue for data center providers going forward and will be absolutely critical to managing security for edge data centers.

Jim Davis, Principal Analyst, Edge Research Group

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