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Couchbase Mobile 3 platform enables edge developers to build modern applications at the edge

Couchbase Mobile 3 platform enables edge developers to build modern applications at the edge

Couchbase, a database provider for enterprise applications, announced that Mobile 3, the company’s edge-ready data platform, is available to enable mobile developers and edge architects to design applications in the cloud and at the edge on mobile and IoT devices.

“Customers increasingly require mobile and edge capabilities to meet modern application demands and data must always be available so the app always performs at unmatched speed,” said Wayne Carter, vice president of Engineering, Couchbase. “With Couchbase Mobile 3, we have simplified development and management of complex data synchronization tasks, he said, adding that Couchbase’s embedded database “Allows customers to feasibly build dynamic applications from the cloud to the edge while leveraging their existing skills and code.”

The news follows the announcement of the Mobile 3.0 beta release in October of 2021 for mobile and edge computing.

Cloud computing infrastructure typically assumes the presence of stable internet connectivity to maintain the processing and storage of incoming data, whether it’s from the edge or another server in the same data center. Couchbase contends this architecture is unfeasible for businesses to deploy new projects that require low latency. The Couchbase Mobile 3 edge computing platform aims to address these issues by moving the data and compute closer to the edge devices, making the applications faster and more robust. For example, developers can now embed data storage directly on edge devices with the new version.

According to the company, Couchbase Mobile 3 provides data integrity by synchronizing data across the organization’s edge and mobile infrastructure.

The edge-ready platform can run and sync almost anywhere in the world — edge data centers, cloud, within 5G networks and on edge devices, executives said. Developers get to take advantage of hierarchical edge computing architectures that meet the demands of increasing speed, availability, and security, they noted.

Broadening the base for Couchbase

Couchbase expects to post fiscal 2021 revenue between $122.4 million and $122.6 million when the company reports earnings in March 2022. A number of recent announcements indicate how the company is aiming for growth.

Couchbase, for instance, plans to broaden adoption of the Mobile 3 platform with the addition of support for the C API, meaning that developers can use the C programming language or use language bindings to build applications on edge devices using other programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, Rust, Go and the like.

Another important growth vector: AWS. Couchbase recently announced that its platform is “AWS Outpost Ready,” a  designation that marks a successful integration with AWS Outposts deployments. AWS Outposts are a fully managed service that extends AWS infrastructure, AWS services, APIs and tools to data centers or on-premises facilities outside of AWS’ data center infrastructure.

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