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Cologix plans $150M expansion of Columbus, OH regional edge data center

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Cologix plans to expand its existing campus in the Columbus, Ohio region with an investment of more than $150 million to accelerate the adoption of its hyperscale and edge data center portfolio. The new improvements to its existing Worthington Woods Boulevard campus will add 36MW of power to its capacity, meeting the needs for expanding cloud connectivity, executives said.

The investment will help Cologix buy machinery and equipment for its regional data center campus in the Columbus region. After the company’s second investment in the region, the headcount is expected to total 39 employees.

“We are excited to finalize our second, multimillion-dollar investment in the Columbus Region, a priority market for our hyperscale growth,” said Cologix president and chief revenue officer Laura Ortman. “We are expanding our powerful capabilities to better serve our new and existing customers in Columbus and across the Midwest.”

Due to its established connectivity infrastructure and integrated security features, the Columbus region has become a central location for Cologix offerings.

“Columbus has long been a vital player in the technology sector, and we’re excited to have one of America’s leading data center companies recognize the talent and opportunities in the Region,” said Andrew J. Ginther, Mayor of Columbus.

Currently, Cologix has over 40 data centers across 11 North American markets which include a total of 29 colocation and interconnection hubs and 5 hyperscale facilities. As part of the Scalelogix data center ecosystem, Cologix leverages 5G and public cloud networks to enable improved application performance and reduce distribution costs.

Cologix data center facilities provide over 20,000 interconnections, 1.5M square feet of floor space and 285MW of power in its hyperscale data center portfolio. The company has expanded Scalelogix to more than 30 campuses in various strategic edge North American markets.

Recently, the company announced its $3B recapitalization, representing the transaction as the largest single asset continuation vehicle in the digital infrastructure.

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