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Cohesity unveils AI-powered enterprise search assistant for data management

Cohesity unveils AI-powered enterprise search assistant for data management

Cohesity, an AI-driven data security and management company, has introduced an AI-powered enterprise search assistant. The Cohesity Gaia tool integrates Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) to sift through high-quality backup data within Cohesity environments.

Scheduled for general release on March 15, Cohesity Gaia offers a conversational AI interface enabling users to query and analyze vast pools of enterprise data.

By harnessing AI advancements and leveraging the Cohesity Data Cloud, Cohesity Gaia aims to transform data into actionable insights while ensuring security and compliance. The company has also announced collaboration plans with the three major public cloud providers to incorporate their LLM services into Cohesity Gaia.

“Enterprises are excited to harness the power of generative AI but have faced several challenges gaining insights into secondary data, including backup, archived and vaulted data – because every approach requires re-hydrating the data, and painfully waiting weeks for the data to be available for analytics and insights. Cohesity Gaia dramatically simplifies this process with our patent-pending approach using Retrieval Augmented Generation,” says Sanjay Poonen, CEO and president of Cohesity.

“With Cohesity Gaia, for the first time in our industry, companies will be able to leverage generative AI to query their data in a virtually seamless way. Our approach delivers rapid, insightful results without the drawbacks of more manual and risky approaches. In short, it turns data into knowledge within seconds and minutes.”

Cohesity Gaia offers RAG AI capabilities on the multi cloud platform, in a bid to empower seamless conversational search experiences across cloud and hybrid environments, facilitating deeper insights and informed decision-making regardless of data storage location.

“It is important to understand that Cohesity Gaia does not retrieve data like a search engine; it answers questions,” says Greg Statton, office of the CTO – data & AI at Cohesity.

”For example, if you notice a rise in costs in a region, typically, you would search for dozens of invoices, review and compare them, and see if you can discover the reason for the cost increases. It could take hours, days, or weeks to resolve. With Cohesity Gaia, you simply ask, ‘Why have costs increased in the region?’, and Cohesity Gaia will pull the relevant data from your stored data, analyze it, and return an answer to your question. It’s that simple.”

Cohesity’s fully indexed backup system supports AI-ready indexes for conversational search and response, initially focusing on Microsoft 365 and OneDrive data with the company announcing plans to expand to more workloads.

The company notes that the platform also addresses common challenges faced by enterprises utilizing LLMs, including data duplication, incompleteness, and performance impact.

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