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Cognizant unveils Neuro Edge platform for enhanced edge AI integration

Cognizant unveils Neuro Edge platform for enhanced edge AI integration

Cognizant has introduced a new platform aimed at helping businesses leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI at the edge of their networks.

Cognizant Neuro Edge has been launched within the company’s Cognizant Neuro suite and is designed to support the entire value chain of edge AI.

The new platform aims to enhance Cognizant’s Neuro AI capabilities by providing a hybrid cloud and edge AI solution. The setup aims to support instant decision-making, in a bid to offer deeper insights from long-term data, which is beneficial for industries where data privacy, security, and real-time decision-making are essential.

“Businesses are increasingly adopting edge computing to improve the responsiveness of their devices and extract valuable insights from generated data,” says Vibha Rustagi, global head of IoT and engineering at Cognizant.

“Cognizant Neuro Edge showcases our leadership in integrating on-board computing and processing with cloud services, helping businesses achieve operational efficiency, cost reduction, and risk management.”

Additionally, the company notes that Neuro Edge supports real-time interactions with devices, aiding businesses in accelerating decision-making, reducing data costs and privacy risks, and maintaining operational stability even with low bandwidth. The platform is cloud agnostic, and its features include assisting doctors with real-time decision-making using diagnostic, and enabling on-device adjustments and recommendations based on patient data.

“Implementing AI with edge technologies is crucial for firms looking to maximize their AI and IoT investments,” adds Joel Martin, executive research leader at HFS.

“Cognizant’s Neuro Edge is a significant solution for enhancing functionality, reducing latency, and securing AI at the edge with enterprise-grade capabilities.”

The company also mentions that the platform predicts equipment failures to optimize uptime and reduce operating costs.

In the automotive sector, Cognizant has collaborated with Qualcomm Technologies to deploy generative AI at the automotive edge. Nakul Duggal, group GM at Qualcomm Technologies, emphasizes the partnership’s role in developing a connected services platform that creates personalized and relevant experiences for drivers and passengers.

Neuro Edge integrates with the edge ecosystem, including sensors, silicon vendors, edge devices, and enterprise applications.

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