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Chooch launches computer vision AI solution to improve data reliability

Chooch launches computer vision AI solution to improve data reliability

Chooch, a company specializing in vision AI, has developed ImageChat, a unique approach to generating detailed computer vision models through text prompts. The company says it launched this computer vision AI solution to improve data reliability and accuracy, especially in applications with object detection and exact reasoning demands.

Chooch claims the ImageChat computer vision solution has been trained on over 11 billion parameters and 400 million images. According to the company, the product utilizes AI vision and large language models to identify over 40 million visual details. This solution is helpful for businesses aiming to enhance their computer vision applications, which involve identifying, understanding, and reacting to specific information in images.

“ImageChat revolutionizes computer vision AI by increasing the corpus of computer vision models fused with language models. The result is a foundational “supermodel” for AI Vision capable of detecting minute details in images and videos without the need to annotate new data, such as smoke, scratches, dents, weapons, danger, accidents, and more,” says Emrah Gultekin, the CEO and co-founder of Chooch.

Chooch ImageChat is available to businesses and developers through its AI vision studio, AppStore, and Google Play. Additionally, an API is available for integration into existing systems. Chooch says the computer vision solution automatically connects to local video feeds and performs computer vision tasks at the edge and in the cloud.

The company states that ImageChat is crucial for situations where timely and precise responses to visual data are necessary. These situations can include danger moderation, anomaly detection and also inventory management. For example, in the case of danger moderation, an ImageChat system can detect hazardous conditions and alert an operator to mitigate risk. The computer vision model can aid enterprises in inventory management by identifying products and quantities to improve the efficiency of a supply chain.

According to the company, Chooch’s AI vision platform provides intelligent analytics capabilities to interpret data. Using this tool can assist businesses in gaining a better understanding of real-time generated data, enabling them to discover ways to improve efficiency and increase revenue, the company says.

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