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Cavli Wireless extends partnership with Orange Business for IoT innovation boost

Cavli Wireless extends partnership with Orange Business for IoT innovation boost

Cavli Wireless has recently become a participant in the Orange Connected validation program, a move aimed at bolstering customer confidence and contributing to the development of the next generation of IoT connectivity management technology.

The company is dedicated to transforming cellular IoT connectivity through the provision of modules pre-loaded with global cellular connectivity.

Over the years, Orange Business has been a provider of Cavli’s cellular connectivity on a global scale. The inclusion of the ‘Orange Connected’ label on Cavli’s devices, as part of the Orange Connected validation program, signifies their functionality on the Orange network, following extensive testing beyond standard organizational measures.

The initial modules to secure the ‘Orange Connected’ label are the Cavli C16QS-EA in Europe and its global counterpart, the Cavli C16QS-WW module. Both low-power LTE Cat 1.bis modules are designed for the automotive and logistics industries. According to the company, the Orange validation process encompasses real-world and operational tests, along with quality and security guarantees, surpassing industry standards.

The program, open to all Orange IoT business partners, offers a centralized testing point, according to the company. Devices undergo assessments, compliance checks, and control testing in both laboratory and field settings, covering aspects like interoperability and energy consumption. Successful devices receive the ‘Orange Connected’ label for promotion on devices, marketing materials, and websites, with validated products featured in the Orange IoT worldwide catalog.

“The future of IoT has the potential to be limitless. Our partnership with Orange Business enables us to help innovate devices that can move over an unrestricted wide range, opening up opportunities for innovative new IoT applications,” explains Akhil A Zeeb, chief product officer of Cavli Wireless.

“The ‘Orange Connected’ label for performance authentication gives our customers confidence that they are using solutions that have undergone rigorous testing to ensure secure and seamless connectivity in various settings.”

Cavli Wireless and Orange Business have been instrumental in advancing IoT capabilities for enterprises, enabling real-time monitoring and automation for industrial preventive maintenance. One notable example involves the incorporation of Cavli’s IoT modules by a UK-based maintenance solutions provider, facilitating remote monitoring of bolted assets in African rail, mining, and energy sectors.

The Cavli cellular IoT module, equipped with an integrated eSIM for global connectivity, integrates with the Hubble connectivity and modem management cloud platform. Orange Business connectivity supports onboarding to the cloud, remote eSIM provisioning, and over-the-air updates.

Additionally, Cavli Wireless and Orange Business collaborate in powering sustainable transport, exemplified by their work with an Asian motorcycle manufacturer. The integration of Cavli’s IoT modules enables vehicle communication and real-time data analysis, supported by Orange Business connectivity features, including LTE Cat 1 and integrated eSIM technology for global connectivity. The partnership extends to emergency firmware updates and an Assisted Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) for enhanced location services.

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