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Bloxtel introduces advanced private 5G platform using decentralized SIM technology

Bloxtel introduces advanced private 5G platform using decentralized SIM technology

Blockchain-based telecommunication solutions provider Bloxtel has unveiled a private 5G platform featuring their patented decentralized SIM technology, which distinguishes it from other solutions available in the market.

The company’s asymmetric authentication approach has had an impact on network latency, resulting in 80 percent improvement. Reduced network latency has now become an essential part of mission-critical applications such as 5G-based AI video analytics.

“We have meticulously focused for the last nine months on iterating our platform and listening to customers,” says Izzo Wane, co-founder and chief executive officer at Bloxtel. “As we enter the next phase of commercialization, we look forward to enabling a lot of organizations in the US and abroad.”

Bloxtel platform will help businesses establish their own private 5G network, within hours, the company says. To facilitate this, Bloxtel will provide an evaluation kit that includes a 5G small cell and a 5G access gateway. Additionally, Bloxtel also gives access to its Operator dApp, which serves as a Web3 portal, hosted on the company’s private blockchain for managing decentralized SIM and 5G network operations.

Bloxtel advocates for the adoption of asymmetric network authentication, often referred to as public key cryptography, a method of authentication used for encryption and decryption. The company argues that symmetric authentication has limitations in terms of scalability, interoperability, performance, and cost.

During the annual Mobile World Congress, Bloxtel launched its mobile network platform, Open6GC, positioned as a transition from the traditional symmetric authentication method to asymmetric cryptography. The company also published a white paper advocating for the widespread adoption of asymmetric cryptography in mobile network authentication.

“We believe that Open6GC provides a much-needed solution that is open, innovative and cost-effective. We have already received tremendous feedback about dSIM technology and are confident that Open6GC will exceed expectations,” Wane adds.

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