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Azion teams up with Radware to block bots at network edge

Azion teams up with Radware to block bots at network edge

‘Next-generation’ CDN service provider Azion is teaming up with security vendor Radware to help its customers detect and block malicious internet based attacks. Under the deal, Radware will embed its equipment in Azion’s infrastructure and Azion’s customers will be able to access Radware’s Bot Manager. Bots—software that automatically searches and loads website content—remain a serious issue on the web with some figures suggesting as much as 39% of all website traffic comes from bad bots while Radware reckons that up to a quarter of internet traffic is generated by malicious ones.

Brazil-based Azion distinguishes itself from ‘legacy CDNs’ like Akamai, arguing that the dynamic content of today’s website and the frequent updating of those websites caused by devops processes like continuous integration is problematic for traditional CDNs. Azion says it has built its serverless Edge Application platform, running on a software defined network, is the right platform for next generation distributed web apps.

Akamai and Cloudflare, not to mention other CDNs would no doubt take issue with that thinking and of course, they have many of the features touted by Azion such as serverless computing. They have also had bot management services available for many years and added other related offerings around API security, for example.

In our recent CDN Q2 financial results wrap we noted that for Cloudflare and Akamai (the market leaders in CDN and edge security services) their fastest growing area of growth is edge security services. As applications become more distributed and move towards the edge, traditional perimeter-based security tools like firewalls make less and less sense. Security has to follow the application to the edge and that’s why partnerships like Azion and Radware make sense.

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