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Avassa and Hivecell partner up on cloud-based app orchestration on the edge

Avassa and Hivecell will each bring their specialties in edge computing to partner on a cloud-based orchestration solution that will help organizations to deploy software applications at scale.

The orchestration solution will combine offerings from the two companies. Avassa brings its application-centric edge platform, designed to bridge secure and efficient cloud tooling, pipeline, and processes to edge infrastructure, while Hivecell’s edge-as-a-service platform enables scaling edge infrastructure at the data source.

The partnership will produce a way for modern applications and DevOps teams to extend their cloud tooling to the edge infrastructure and scale over time as needed, a press release says. It also expects increased efficiency through the management of an organization’s edge technology stack from hardware to applications.

“The edge infrastructure creates value when applications are running on top of it,” says Carl Moberg, chief technology officer and co-founder of Avassa. “Similarly, application teams require robust infrastructure to be able to move at the speed of software. Together with Hivecell, we can bridge the gap between application teams and innovative edge infrastructure — making edge computing easy and convenient for application teams,” he adds.

Hivecell has announced a series of edge partnerships in the past two years, with ones formed with Intelygenz, StorMagic, and most recently, Advantech.

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