Hivecell, Intelygenz partner for edge AI-enabled digital transformation

Hivecell, Intelygenz partner for edge AI-enabled digital transformation

Edge-as-a-Service company Hivecell has announced the deployment of its edge computing solutions through its partnership with AI and automation solutions provider Intelygenz. Bringing together edge computing and Intelligent Process Automation will enable wider, more impactful returns via digital transformation to environments that were previously not commercially or technically feasible.

“The past year has firmly established the importance of businesses to have forward-thinking, adaptive technologies at their disposal,” says Jeffrey Ricker, co-founder and CEO of Hivecell. “Our partnership with Intelygenz provides a winning combination that enables the development of innovative software solutions for the market where cloud computing is simply not possible.”

Hivecell and Intelygenz will together help clients establish efficiency by deploying automation and digital transformation solutions onto Hivecell’s simple, scalable infrastructure. This will often include those developed using Intelygenz’s Konstellation platform, enabling the efficient and effective deployment of AI solutions into production environments.

The global pandemic’s impact has forced businesses to seek change, resulting in the accelerated adoption of digital technologies to help them continue functioning in the current climate of uncertainty while facing new challenges such as remote working, fluctuating demand, and business disruption. Additionally, it has driven many to prepare for the future, where they must find ways to digitally transform, evolve business models, and effectively leverage technologies to keep up with competitors.

“Process automation and AI will play an increasingly key role as businesses look to reassess their digital strategies and ambitions,” said Chris Brown, COO of Intelygenz. “We’re looking forward to working with Hivecell to enable those businesses to get ahead and grow in a new digitally accelerated world.”

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