Advantech and Hivecell add AI to IoT through edge-as-a-service

Advantech and Hivecell add AI to IoT through edge-as-a-service

Edge computing hardware company Advantech and edge-as-a-service (EaaS) firm Hivecell will collaborate on Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) development for access and deployment of end-to-end data solutions for customers.

“Industry demands for AI and machine learning capabilities with real-time insight and localized action are making ever-increasing demands on edge intelligence,” says Jerry O’Gorman, vice president of the Industrial IoT Division at Advantech.

“The continuous growth of connected smart devices and machines is driving a need for cloud-native architectures to be built on the edge, addressing increasing computing, throughput, and privacy needs closer to source,” Gorman notes. “We think about this as the Hyper-Converged Edge (HCE). Our strategic partnership with Hivecell adds to Advantech’s global focus of building a partner ecosystem for accelerating the deployment, implementation, and overall time-to-market of AIoT applications at the edge.”

The synthesis of Advantech’s hardware and Hivecell’s EaaS is said to form a more efficient collecting and filtering of data on the edge that sends only relevant data to the headquarters or the cloud computing system. It would connect legacy systems to gateways, edge computers, 5G routers, and other IoT devices for scalable data management across the deployment and management of on-premise computing for hundreds of locations.

The partnership will help solve customer challenges by making IoT data more available, scaleable, and manageable with connectivity to smart equipment, data organization, and machine learning, according to a press release.

The two companies have announced a series of professional partnerships for edge computing in recent months. Advantech collaborated with the publisher of Ubuntu, Telco Systems, and Lynx. Meanwhile, Hivecell partnered with Sunlight, Hasty, and StorMagic.

Advantech gets Azure Certified status

In related news, Advantech said its products are available in the Microsoft Azure Certified Device catalog. Advantech’s UNO series of edge gateways have achieved Microsoft’s “Azure Certified Device” and “Edge Managed” certifications, providing advanced devices capable of streamlining deployment, minimizing cost, and facilitating edge computing and analytics.

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