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AMD introduces hardware automotive solutions at CES 2024 to handle complex AI tasks

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AMD introduces hardware automotive solutions at CES 2024 to handle complex AI tasks

AMD unveiled its hardware automotive solutions, introducing the Versal AI Edge XA adaptive SoC and Ryzen Embedded V2000A series processor, during the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). These products are engineered to manage the growing AI workload in automotive environments, including applications such as in-cabin monitoring, autonomous driving, and improving in-vehicle experience for users.

The Versal AI Edge XA adaptive system-on-chip uses 7nm process technology, striking an optimal balance between power efficiency and robust performance. Central to this system-on-chip is its AI engines, which are specialized processing units adept at handling a variety of AI models, including tasks like classification and feature tracking.

One of the important features of the Versal AI Edge XA adaptive system-on-chip is its design flexibility. This allows scalability in performance, ranging from 5 to 171 tera operations per second. Such scalability caters to various applications, from low-power edge devices to high-performance central computing systems. AMD emphasizes that these SoCs are equipped with advanced safety and security features, crucial for meeting the stringent compliance standards of the automotive industry.

“Our expanding and highly diversified AMD automotive portfolio presents a significant opportunity to serve this high-growth market while also underscoring the tremendous synergy of our combined automotive teams since the acquisition of Xilinx almost two years ago,” says Salil Raje, senior vice president and general manager, Adaptive and Embedded Computing Group at AMD.

In contrast, the Ryzen Embedded V2000A series processor is tailored to enhance the digital cockpit in vehicles. This digital cockpit is an integration of the vehicle’s control and system system, which includes the dashboard, infotainment system, etc. The processor leverages the traditional x86 architecture, enabling it to deliver a PC-like experience within automotive systems, the company says.

The Ryzen Embedded V2000A series processor is built on the Zen 2 architecture, known for its high performance and efficiency, and is particularly suited for multitasking scenarios. Additionally, the processor includes an integrated AMD Radeon Vega 7 graphics solution, which provides advanced display capabilities and interface functionalities for vehicle cockpits.

“Since introducing the ECARX Makalu digital cockpit using AMD Ryzen Embedded processors, they have proven to be key for powering the ECARX automotive solutions that require advanced compute power with visual graphic rendering capabilities,” says Peter Cirino, chief operating officer at ECARX.

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