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Amazon files patent for quantum computing task translation using edge computing

Amazon files patent for quantum computing task translation using edge computing

Amazon has submitted a patent application for a system that facilitates the use of quantum computing across multiple quantum technologies through edge computing devices. It will allow users to utilize quantum computing services without the need for direct access to quantum hardware.

With this, when a user sends a request through their edge computing device, the system automatically translates the user’s quantum task, algorithms, or circuit into a format the quantum computer understands.

Amazon’s primary goal is to democratize quantum technology, making it accessible to a wider audience by enabling users to leverage the power of quantum computing through end-user devices without requiring in-depth knowledge of quantum computing complexities. The patent application showcases various scenarios where quantum computing services can be applied through edge computing devices for diverse applications.

The patent application also outlines a system with multiple components designed to offer quantum computing services to customers. The system consists of a service provider network, which includes several computing devices capable of delivering quantum computing services. Additionally, there are two edge computing devices situated within the network, each located at distinct physical locations corresponding to different quantum hardware providers.

Customers using this quantum computing service have the flexibility to submit their quantum computing tasks, algorithms, or circuits for execution. The system is equipped to offer customers suggestions regarding which quantum hardware provider they should select to execute their quantum computing tasks. These recommendations take into account factors such as estimated costs, error rates, runtime, and other relevant information associated with the execution of the quantum computing task.

Once the choice of the quantum hardware provider for executing the quantum computing task has been made, several steps follow. Firstly, the selected quantum hardware provider runs the quantum circuit on their quantum computer. Following the completion of the quantum circuit’s processing, the computing devices receive the computation results. These results are stored within the system for subsequent analysis and future reference.

Finally, the system sends a notification to the customer, informing them that the execution of their requested quantum computing object has been successfully carried out. The patent application also explores various systems involving quantum computing services implemented on one or more edge computing devices.

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