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AlwaysAI, Seeed Studio collaborate to ease the deployment of computer vision applications

AlwaysAI, Seeed Studio collaborate to ease the deployment of computer vision applications

AlwaysAI, a computer vision platform provider, has partnered with a Chinese IoT hardware manufacturer, Seeed Studio, to accelerate the deployment of computer vision applications on edge IoT devices. The AlwaysAI computer vision platform can now integrate with Seeed Studio’s edge devices via a subscription plan.

This agreement will help embedded engineers and enterprises develop computer vision applications on Seeed Studio’s reComputer hardware platform. For a faster time to market, developers can add AlwaysAI runtime engine and deployment capabilities onto Seeed Studio’s edge IoT devices.

“Accelerating deployment of computer vision applications on IoT devices will set developers and companies up to be able to scale their computer vision applications much faster,” said Steve Griset, CTO and co-founder at AlwaysAI. “We are excited to be able to partner with an innovative company like Seeed Studio to bring the power of computer vision to millions of developers worldwide.”

With the AlwaysAI computer vision platform integration, enterprises can leverage the over 130 pre-trained machine learning models optimized for Nvidia and x86-based edge devices. Both firms seek to provide a one-of-a-kind AI solution for businesses and reduce the burden of developing and deploying computer vision applications on resource-constrained hardware platforms.

The AlwaysAI development platform is a comprehensive computer vision solution that deploys machine learning models in the cloud using a wealth of Python APIs. It also provides real-time post-deployment analytics. According to the data, the AlwaysAI platform has a developer community of over 30,000 people who have created over 6000 projects.

The edgeIQ library of APIs simplifies the development process that uses REST API to represent connected things. EdgeIQ is a middle layer between machine learning models and computer vision apps that provides several core services, such as classification, object detection, semantic segmentation, pose estimation, object tracking, and many more.

AlwaysAI recently developed a partnership with Hailo, an Israel-based AI processor designer, to serve the increasing demand for enterprise-level computer vision applications. As part of the collaboration, Hailo’s high-performance AI processor and AlwaysAI computer vision platform will work together to solve the limitations of storage-constrained edge devices.

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