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AlwaysAI, Hailo see more edge-based computer vision with new partnership

AlwaysAI, Hailo see more edge-based computer vision with new partnership

AlwaysAI, provider of computer vision solutions, partnered with Israel-based AI processor designer Hailo to meet the increasing enterprise demands for computer vision applications on edge devices. Most edge devices are resource-constrained solutions that are designed with limited onboard storage. Hailo’s high performance AI processors and AlwaysAI’s computer vision platform can overcome these limitations and accelerate the deployment of computer vision applications in edge infrastructure.

The partnership will allow AlwaysAI users to find Hailo-specific application templetes, AI models and model conversion options in the company’s portfolio. Leveraging the Hailo-8 AI accelerator, AlwaysAI’s growing enterprise customer base can develop complex computer vision applications for Smart Retail, Industry 4.0, transportation and other markets. The companies said the Hailo chips also provide enhanced performance, power consumption and latency while maintaining privacy and reliability of edge devices.

“This partnership with AI chip company, Hailo, is a gamechanger for our enterprise customers. It addresses the growing need to process sensory information more efficiently, and at greater speeds than ever before. Together we unleash advanced computational efficiencies on the edge, amplifying the deep learning computer vision applications created with our platform,” said Marty Beard, CEO of AlwaysAI.

The AlwaysAI developer platform is designed to enable quicker development and deployment of machine learning applications. The platform also tries to remove entry barrier for complex computer vision applications and allow new developers and small-scale businesses to efficiently and effectively develop AI models by providing pre-trained deep learning models with add-swap functionality for easy experimentation.

On the other hand, the Hailo-8 AI accelerator delivers high performance of up to 26 tera-operations per seconds (TOPS) to outperform several other edge processors. The hardware platform also supports wide range of AI frameworks, such as TensorFlow and ONNX. AIwaysAI will support partner-manufactured Hailo-8 hardware devices as well as Hailo’s inhouse PCIe-based M.2 models.

“We are excited to partner with a computer vision platform provider like AlwaysAI to showcase the true potential for computer vision applications on edge devices,” said Liran Bar, VP Business Development of Hailo.

Nexcom recently announced the integration of Hailo-8 AI accelerator for their next-gen AI vehicular telematics solution. Hailo-8 AI accelerator’s compact form factor and fanless design allows its integration in resource-constrained edge devices withstanding the complex AI workload.

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