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Alef edge developer community to address connectivity challenges in enterprise applications

Alef edge developer community to address connectivity challenges in enterprise applications

Alef, a provider of enterprise mobility API platforms, has launched an edge developer community to encourage edge technology use. Through the edge developer community, Alef said it is striving to make private wireless networking easy and affordable.

The community has over 5,000 engineers and developers around the globe who can collaborate, share information and develop new mobility-based applications. By launching this developer community, Alef hopes to encourage early developers and individual contributors to work together in solving connectivity challenges.

Alef suggests that because of 5G’s complexities, it has been difficult for organizations to adopt and deploy the technology for customer experience solutions.

In turn, Alef’s edge developer community will:

  • educate these organizations on the benefits of edge computing
  • provide insight into specific applications
  • demonstrate how developers can help enterprises bypass laborious and long deployment times.

“At Alef, we think enterprise first when it comes to providing mobile solutions that solve their biggest connectivity challenges,” said Jeff Tennery, COO of Alef. “With this platform, we’re arming a community of developers with the tools that inspire enterprises to build the next generation of mobility apps.”

The community platform will also serve as a marketing place for the company. Here, they plan to train the developers on using its Mobility-as-a-Service APIs to provide enterprises with carrier-grade connectivity. Alef will also allow community developers to invite fellow engineers to participate in an exclusive event focusing on solving complex enterprise connectivity issues.

Alef announced the launch of edge emulator, a simulation tool that provides a 5G sandbox environment. Here, developers can leverage the company’s enterprise-grade APIs without investing in expensive on-premise hardware. By doing this, Alef plans to attract more developers who can build solutions for enterprise use.

Alef won the Top Overall Commercial Innovator title at the Kong Summit this past September. “We selected Alef as a winner because they were able to solve some of the biggest challenges for enterprises when it comes to the adoption of 5G technology,” said Reza Shafii, executive vice president of products at Kong. “By providing developers with self-service APIs, users achieve access to new technology and a shorter time to market to deploy a private network inside an enterprise firewall.”

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