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Aetina unveils advanced edge AI solutions at COMPUTEX 2024

Aetina unveils advanced edge AI solutions at COMPUTEX 2024

Aetina, a provider of AI solutions, is presenting its latest innovations at COMPUTEX 2024, showcasing a variety of products designed to enhance edge computing and AI applications across various industries.

At COMPUTEX 2024, which runs from Tuesday, June 4, 2024, until Friday, Jun 7, 2024, Aetina plans to demonstrate how edge AI can revolutionize smart city infrastructure using generative AI technology. Their DeviceEdge series, powered by NVIDIA Jetson Orin modules, offers computing capabilities and energy efficiency.

According to the company, the solutions can improve the management of city infrastructure by providing real-time status detection of traffic control equipment, enhancing the efficiency of city management through monitoring and maintenance of traffic signs, signals, and hydrants. Generative AI at the edge also facilitates video searches, event summarization, and real-time asset tracking, for smart city applications.

In smart manufacturing, Aetina aims to address efficiency and accuracy challenges in production line management, through collaboration with Solomon on an intelligent sorting solution. This system integrates Aetina’s edge AI platforms, the AIP-KQ67 and AIE-KX13, with Solomon’s 3D META-aivi technology, in a bid to improve the sorting process in automotive manufacturing plants.

To tackle labor shortages in security monitoring for large venues like exhibition halls and department stores, Aetina plans on also introducing its AI workstation AIP-FR68, made with Axelera AI’s PCIe accelerators. The company notes that the system can manage up to 24 video streams simultaneously, to improve crowd and traffic management and enhance the operational effectiveness of security systems in large spaces.

At COMPUTEX 2024, the company additionally launched its NVIDIA IGX Orin-based system, the model AIE-MIX640, an industrial-grade and scalable inference edge AI system with validation from the NVIDIA-Certified Systems program.

Troy Lin, senior manager of product development at Aetina, says: “Particularly in manufacturing and healthcare, we are seeing a massive uptake of AI at the edge, yet enterprises absolutely require real-time AI and an enterprise-grade AI software stack. The AIE-MIX640 is the answer and caters to organizations seeking the combination of top performance, security, and reliability.”

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