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Roundup (your partners): FreeWave partners with ModuSense, Advantech with Lynx, ADVA with Lanner, Andes with Cyberon

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Roundup (your partners): FreeWave partners with ModuSense, Advantech with Lynx, ADVA with Lanner, Andes with Cyberon

A number of hardware companies focusing on edge technologies have recently formed new partnerships.

Namely, FreeWave Technologies and ModuSense have recently joined forces to accelerate global hardware and software IIoT development, and Advantech and Lynx announced they will collaborate on Edge Starter Kit options supporting the convergence of mission critical IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology).

Also, ADVA and Lanner have entered a new partnership focussing on open and scalable virtualized solutions while Andes and Cyberon announced their collaboration on edge-computing voice recognition solutions.

FreeWave and ModuSense join forces

Following the beginning of the partnership, FreeWave’s high-fidelity data capture tools will be combined with ModuSense’s full-stack SaaS and agile gateway sensing solutions.

“The ModuSense joint venture expands our portfolio and accelerates our ability to bring fully integrated, game-changing IIoT solutions to market quickly,” commented FreeWave Technologies CEO Kirk Byles.

The move will also aid companies to step up their technological efforts in their geographically dispersed and remote operations.

“Our combined portfolio delivers a super powerhouse of capabilities to customers who are hungry for integrated solutions designed to make industrial remote operations more efficient, make critical data more intelligent and help save money to make money,” said ModuSense CEO Bruce Trevarthen.

Advantech and Lynx to work on mission-critical edge solutions

The collaboration will see the offering of multiple Mission Critical Edge Starter Kit options designed to support the convergence of IT and OT.

Lynx’s mission-critical edge platform LYNX MOSA.ic for Industrial has been programmed to offer virtual air gapping between the control automation and other workloads.

The solution runs on the LynxSecure Separation Kernel, which provides not only strong isolation of applications but also deterministic real-time performance and management of critical system assets to increase immunity to cybersecurity attacks.

Advantech, on the other hand, specializes in hardware devices targeted for both Level 1 operational hierarchy for direct control and Level 2 supervisory control.

Thanks to the new partnership, Advantech’s MIC-770 modular industrial PC and the UNO-137 embedded automation computer will be combined with MOSA.ic for Industrial to provide a secure and performant OT/IT solution.

ADVA and Lanner partner on turnkey offering for Intel

The companies have recently joined forces to verify the Lanner NCA-4025 with Intel Select Solution for uCPE with ADVA Ensemble Connector.

This will reportedly provide communication service providers (CSPs) and companies with a simple and cost-efficient way to achieve virtualization at the network edge.

In the same announcement, ADVA confirmed its Ensemble Connector is now available pre-installed on several Lanner network appliances.

The move will enable the company’s customers to take advantage of a range of workload-optimized solutions that deliver the full benefits of network functions virtualization (NFV).

The new partnership will also deliver improved networking through the Ensemble Connector operating system and virtual network function hosting environment.

Andes and Cyberon to collaborate on Edge-Computing Voice Recognition

As part of the new collaboration, Cyberon will explore the potential of Andes DSP-capable RISC-V CPU cores in conjunction with its edge-computing voice recognition solution DSpotter.

For context, the biometric solution’s algorithms have been optimized by Cyberon to fit into general MCU (microcontroller unit) platforms without using a dedicated neural network processor.

The addition of RISC-V DSP/SIMD P-extension (RVP) instructions on AndesCore D25F, a 32-bit RISC-V CPU core with a highly optimized 5-stage pipeline, will now improve the edge performance of DSpotter further.

Specifically, the vRVP will enable multiple data in integer registers to be processed in one single cycle, thus efficiently boosting the computations for voice, audio, image, and signal processing.

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