Acromove pilots edge cloud platform for Greek retailer

Acromove pilots edge cloud platform for Greek retailer

Acromove announced it will launch a proof of concept for its edge cloud computing solution with a Greek retailer to expedite operations.

The company will integrate its AcroCloud solution as a platform for Retail & More, a planned retail franchise in Greece that is a master franchise agent in Greece for Carrefour Group, a French retail giant.

Retail & More says it will use AcroCloud to develop a next-generation retail experience to drive store efficiency, speed, accessibility, and improve customer experience.

Evan Achillopoulos, chief technology officer of Acromove, says AcroCloud enables a cloud computing experience without having to think about planning, building, maintaining, or investing in edge computing infrastructure.

“Like the true cloud, they rent as much compute capability as they need as they grow. But instead of being in a centralized data center, this cloud is in their facility giving them full autonomy and the very low latency needed for real-time applications,” he says. “We are honored and excited to be working with Retail & More to demonstrate the innovation that we can provide at the edge for the retail sector.”

Other companies exploring edge applications in retail include Dell, AiFi, and Sunlight. Similarly, Intel also has made developments in edge and Internet of Things uses for convenience stores.

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