6WIND upgrades solutions for edge computing and private 5G landscape transformation

6WIND upgrades solutions for edge computing and private 5G landscape transformation

6WIND, a green-tech networking software company, has made changes to its latest virtualized offerings, the User Plane Function (UPF) and the Virtualized Firewall (vFW), in a bid to drive innovation in multi-access edge computing and private 5G solutions across a range of different use cases.

According to the company, the UPF aims to bring a paradigm shift in mobile network efficiency by enabling local internet breakout, optimizing data traffic routing, and reducing latency for users accessing cloud services directly from the edge.

Simultaneously, the vFW fortifies network security with firewall capabilities at the edge, safeguarding access points. The company says that this cohesive deployment ensures superior user experience, performance, data integrity, and compliance with regulatory standards, bolstering network reliability and security.

Speaking about the new enhancements, Julien Dahan, CEO of 6WIND, says: “Our latest virtualized offerings affirm our commitment to driving network transformation, providing CSPs with the confidence to tackle modern networking challenges. By integrating cutting-edge technologies into MEC and P5G architectures, we empower clients to achieve superior agility, security, and performance. These enhancements mark a significant step in our journey towards shaping the future of networking, and we’re excited to lead the way towards a more connected and secure world.”

Integrating these advanced functionalities into MEC and P5G architectures aims to offer organizations agility, security, and performance, fostering innovation while streamlining operations and reducing costs.

These virtualized solutions empower Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to cut down on capital expenditures associated with traditional hardware procurement and maintenance, the company notes. With scalability on demand, organizations will have the ability to adjust network capacity and security without expensive hardware upgrades. Moreover, the streamlined management and automation inherent in virtualized environments minimize manual tasks, further trimming operational expenses.

Elsewhere, 6WIND recently partnered with NearbyComputing to address the challenges related to coordinated communication between distributed edge devices.

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