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ZEDEDA introduces edge solution for managing deployments locally and from the cloud

ZEDEDA introduces edge solution for managing deployments locally and from the cloud

ZEDEDA, an edge management and orchestration provider, has launched a new solution for air-gapped environments. ZEDEDA Edge Sync is aimed at addressing connectivity challenges in edge deployments lacking consistent cloud connectivity, the company notes.

The new solution by ZEDEDA also aims to ease network hurdles due to their dispersed setup by facilitating local node management while seamlessly integrating with ZEDEDA’s platform.

Eva Feng, ZEDEDA’s VP of product management, emphasizes the significance of ZEDEDA Edge Sync in addressing intermittent connectivity and strict security requirements.

“It eliminates the need for expensive hardware components by running on standard systems and supports all types of networks and varying levels of disconnectedness without compromising functionality,” she adds.

A recent forecast by IDC projects global spending on edge computing to approach nearly $350 billion by 2027, indicating robust growth prospects. The report also predicts a 15.4% surge in spending this year compared to 2023.

ZEDEDA Edge Sync allows monitoring and managing fleets of edge nodes in disconnected environments. Given the decentralized nature of modern edge deployments, network connectivity issues are commonplace.

For instance, during network interruptions, operators can ensure edge nodes remain functional and accommodate configuration changes to prevent service disruptions. The company notes that this functionality extends to completely air-gapped deployments, enabling fleet-level monitoring and changes as long as local edge nodes have access to the network hosting the ZEDEDA Edge Sync service.

Moreover, ZEDEDA Edge Sync provides a management and monitoring API, with the goal of empowering customers to develop custom integrations, applications, and HMI interfaces. Leveraging ZEDEDA’s API-based approach, users will have the ability to tailor solutions to meet their specific deployment needs, according to the company.

ZEDEDA Edge Sync forms part of ZEDEDA edge application services, a suite offering remote access, inventory and configuration management, and kubernetes management services. The services are tailored to individual deployment requirements, delivered through ZEDEDA’s edge orchestration solution.

Elsewhere, ZEDEDA unveiled its plans for the Open Networking and Edge Summit (ONE Summit), which will be held from April 29 to May 1 in San Jose, California. The company will discuss the strategic advantage and collaborative nature of open source software.

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