Zededa earns top ratings from 2023 GigaOm Radar Report on Kubernetes for edge computing

Zededa earns top ratings from 2023 GigaOm Radar Report on Kubernetes for edge computing

Zededa has been acknowledged as an “Outperformer” and “Leader”  in the 2023 GigaOm Radar Report for Kubernetes for edge computing.

Zededa says it received exceptional rankings for all key criteria: interoperability, lifecycle management, customized deployment support and connectivity.

The report highlights Zededa’s strengths, emphasizing that its boot attestation process offers robust security assurance even in unsecured device locations, making it highly suitable for industrial environments. The report also gave Zededa high ratings in the evaluation metrics of architecture, flexibility, scalability, manageability and ease of use.

“Zededa is specifically focused on edge computing and has a somewhat unique approach in the market. It has a particularly strong focus on security and assurance for deployment into unsecured environments where physical device security cannot be relied on,” says GigaOm analyst Justin Warren.

Zededa was recognized as a leader in cloud-connected and self-hosted deployment models and the specialized market segment. It provides tailored solutions for specific use cases, such as high-performance computing and big data analytics.

Zededa’s edge management and orchestration solution was recognized for its ability to help administrators quickly deploy Kubernetes clusters across distributed environments while managing the underlying hardware and runtime lifecycles.

“As companies look to extend Kubernetes to the edge, they’re asking for solutions that can scale with a diverse landscape of hardware and operating environments,” says Raghu Vatte, the VP of product management and customer success at Zededa. “We’re pleased that the report recognized our leading role in the areas that matter most to customers.”

Last year, Zededa closed a $26 million Series B funding round led by Core Energy 7 to bring its total funding to $55 million. Zededa said the funds would be used for three purposes: to increase its customer base, expand research and development and promote sales and marketing operations.

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