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Zadara powers new radiology imaging service, showing promise of edge cloud for Smart Health

Zadara powers new radiology imaging service, showing promise of edge cloud for Smart Health

Edge cloud services provider Zadara and AbbaDox, a cloud-based radiology information SaaS solutions provider, have partnered to offer a comprehensive PACS-as-a-Service with unlimited platform-edge compute power, low-latency network access, and storage. This on-demand service expands AbbaDox’s modern technology stack ecosystem to give imaging centers and radiology providers cost-effective solutions to remain competitive and profitable in a challenging, constantly evolving market.

As the adoption of cloud solutions increases in healthcare, imaging providers are leading the pack by optimizing back-office operations, reducing maintenance costs, and adapting to compliance and growing security concerns. Through the Zadara and AbbaDox partnership, providers can procure compute power and storage specifically tailored for their own consumption in a private cloud setting co-located within proximity to their physical site. The new offering makes rapid deployment of enterprise PACS solutions possible for various use-cases, such as teleradiology, distributed radiology, main PACS, and disaster recovery PACS. Furthermore, the solution simplifies the organization’s IT footprint by removing complexities with managing hardware refreshes and licensing backups, while making room for staff augmentation for on-premise tasks.

“With the growing success of AbbaDox cloud RIS-as-a-Service, Zadara Edge compute and Storage-as-a-Service is a natural fit with our suite of mission-critical applications. It allows radiology organizations to transform their traditional on-premise IT infrastructure into a modern, scalable, and secure radiology information system,” explains Yaniv Dagan, CEO of AbbaDox. “It has become more and more difficult for many of our clients to keep up with the demands of information management. The requirements for how data is organized, protected, and presented have grown significantly. We are excited to see the increasing number of recent inquiries from our smaller and large enterprise clients.”

Zadara’s Edge Cloud Services, including zCompute and zStorage, deliver superior turnkey solutions for partners with the benefits of on-demand compute and storage services at the edge. This flexibility enables customers to develop, deploy, run, and virtualize any application on a true 100% OpEx consumption-based model. By giving partners the ability to offer advanced cloud services to enterprise customers, Zadara opens the door to cost savings, improved efficiency, latency, and manageability. With Zadara’s Federated Edge program, providers can provision trusted HIPAA compliant cloud locations ‘as-a-Service’ as close as necessary to those customers’ workloads, through a shared revenue model.

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