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Wind River to use CaaS platform to revolutionize telco transformation and 5G vRAN

Wind River to use CaaS platform to revolutionize telco transformation and 5G vRAN

The transition to 5G Virtualized Radio Access Network (vRAN) technology stands as a pivotal milestone in the landscape of telecommunications. Wind River’s Container as a Service (CaaS) platform aims to offer unparalleled efficiency in deployment, as well as upgrade procedures crucial for telco’s journey towards 5G vRAN networks.

In Wind River’s upcoming webinar titled “Automation at Scale for 5G+ vRAN Network”, Phil Rackus, senior PLM cloud industry verticals at Wind River will give a detailed explanation of orchestrating cloud-native applications across multiple locations in vRAN Environment.

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In a recent blog post, Wind River says it invested in several areas to deliver savings in total cost of ownership (TCO) and operations at scale. One element of TCO is Wind River’s ability to run on a small footprint at the edge and reduced processing core requirements on 4th Generation Intel Xeon scalable processors down to a single core. This adds up when talking about thousands of edge sites. But it’s not just about needing less hardware. The additional core capacity can then be used to add new features and drive applications instead of the infrastructure, with greater performance of the vRAN with fewer resources.

Additionally, automation emerges as a necessity in the realm of telco transformation. The thousands of edge nodes in an operator’s network could get complicated and costly to operate.  The complexity of deploying and upgrading networks at a massive scale demands streamlined processes to ensure agility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Wind River’s CaaS platform aims to address these challenges head-on by providing a framework for automation, enabling telcos to expedite deployment and upgrade procedures seamlessly. The blog post also mentions that automation plays a key role in minimizing efforts needed to scale a network while preserving quality of operations.

As the telecommunications industry marches towards the era of 5G V-RAN networks, operations at scale emerges as a cornerstone for success. In the upcoming webinar, Phil Ruckus will share how Wind River enables their customers to deploy and operate thousands of nodes across a geo-distributed area in a cost-efficient manner by relying on automation.


Webinar: Automation at Scale for 5G+ V-RAN Network

March 27, 2024 03:00 PM ET

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