Deploying AI Models at the Edge

Wellteq brings HealthHub edge compute, API to ease pain of healthcare device integration, monitoring

Can edge computing step in where executive initiatives fail in health care?

Wellteq Digital Health Inc. launched a beta production of its new Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) HealthHub and API as a service offering, targeting commercial release later this year.

Wellteq notes it is leveraging the IoMT to fast track its capabilities in condition management and virtual primary care. The IoMT condition management and virtual primary care platform is named Wellteq Plus. Together, the Wellteq mobile application and the Wellteq Plus IoMT platform follow the user across the continuum of care, from wellness to virtual primary care.

The HealthHub is a new IoMT platform developed by Wellteq, which can connect, manage, and monitor any standardized device using edge computing. Edge computing augments and expands the possibilities of today’s primarily centralized, hyperscale cloud model and supports the systemic evolution and deployment of the IoMT and new application types, enabling next-generation digital health applications. The HealthHub also offers contingency to cloud server processing in the case of a network outage.

The HealthHub has been built upon Wellteq’s next generation “Unified API” which allows for secure remote monitoring and management and enables 3rd party integrations with all aspects of the HealthHub and API, such as Amazon’s Prime Health, Google Health and Microsoft Health with its’ newly acquired Nuance natural language processing (NLP) capability, allowing the HealthHub to be an integral value add for both new and existing ePHI systems. (ePHI, or electronic Protected Health Information, is any protected health information that is created, stored, transmitted, or received in any electronic format or media.) Wellteq’s Unified API will service Wellteq’s client applications as well as the HealthHub and other IoMT (and IoT) hardware devices and will also be delivered as a standalone “API as a Service” product. All the features and functionality delivered through Wellteq’s client applications and hardware will be offered as standalone services for clients and partners to integrate with their own applications, services, and systems. This includes IoMT metrics capture, processing, and automations, wellness tracking with personalized digital coaching, reward scheme management, social activities and interactions, news feeds and more.

Wellteq Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) HealthHub
Wellteq Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) HealthHub

A powerful 8-core processor, large memory footprint, and a versatile machine-learning secondary processor enable the hub to handle a wide variety of services, including NLP and auto-updated training models for AI. To best support the wide variety of IoMT devices, Wellteq has designed a custom wireless chipset, enabling connectivity with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave, and, optionally, cellular. Alongside the wireless chipset is a completely customized and optimized firmware stack that helps manage the multitude of wireless protocols, allowing the HealthHub to support 500+ connected IoMT and/or IoT devices simultaneously. In comparison, most digital health device deployments currently rely on the user’s mobile phone for connectivity with a small number of devices.

In addition, Wellteq now also has the capability to completely fabricate hardware prototypes in-house, through its recently completed prototype lab. Utilizing the same industrial machines that the U.S. Air Force, CIA, and Department of Justice use for rapid prototyping and first run production builds, Wellteq will be able to iterate in days instead of weeks or months.

The company notes it has secured a partnership with a global end-to-end manufacturing, logistics and warranty provision and management entity which is expected to bring further significant cost benefits and reduce Wellteq’s overhead in delivering its IoMT solution to end users.

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