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Volt, Linebreak unite to help enterprises gain value from real-time edge data

Volt, Linebreak unite to help enterprises gain value from real-time edge data

Volt Active Data (Volt), a real-time decisioning platform, has announced a new partnership with Linebreak, a global edge solution provider in a bid to simplify real-time edge data intake and processing for enterprises.

According to the company, real-time decision-making using edge data is important for sectors like smart cars, factories and healthcare systems, improving safety, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Linebreak‘s CTO, Dolo Miah, emphasizes the notion that post-digital companies should harness data effectively to fuel enterprise AI systems.

“A lot of this data is exploding in the edge, where traditional architectures can’t deliver on real-time and high-integrity processing needs,” Miah adds. “Volt is a perfect fit for these edge use cases.”

As part of the Linebreak platform, Volt can process data and decide in less than ten milliseconds. The companies note that the partnership provides low latency and high performance on machines with smaller footprints, such as edge deployments.

Additionally, Volt supports deployment to on-site edge locations, which is particularly beneficial for training AI and ML models, the company says.

Volt CEO David Flower explains: “Linebreak and Volt, together, suddenly make edge computing way less intimidating, way more secure and way easier for enterprises.”

Volt Active Data tackles the task of swiftly and accurately handling large volumes of data. With a platform that caters to over a billion daily users globally, the company says it allows enterprises to enhance their 5G, IoT and AI endeavors.

Linebreak empowers enterprises to reach efficiency goals in the post-digital era by harnessing the value of their edge data. The company says leveraging technologies such as Volt Active Data also ensures the rapid delivery of enterprise solutions.

Last December, Linebreak collaborated with Cysec, a data protection provider, aiming to securely unlock data value in enterprise edge computing.

Linebreak’s modular platform empowers enterprises to implement their edge strategy swiftly and securely. Cysec enhances data protection with Arca Trusted OS, utilizing confidential computing for a trusted environment to deploy enterprise-edge workloads efficiently.

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