Verizon to secure Siemens remote workforce with Zero Trust network capabilities

Verizon to secure Siemens remote workforce with Zero Trust network capabilities

Verizon will provide Zero Trust network capabilities to Siemens’ remote workforce.

Verizon will support Siemens, an industrial conglomerate based in Germany, by integrating Verizon’s managed wide area network internet-only connectivity and other services for workers are smaller Siemens offices. The company has over 45,000 employees in the US alone, which is Verizon’s principal market, and has over 300,000 employees in total.

“Every company needs a secure work infrastructure, but balancing security risks while striving to deliver a user-friendly, digital working experience continues to remain the challenge of IT departments. That’s where an intelligent network can make underlying architectures more nimble by managing traffic and making operations more efficient,” says Sanjiv Gossain, the EMEA vice president of Verizon Business.

For context, Verizon’s 2022 Mobile Security Index report noted that 79 percent of the surveyed organization acknowledged that remote work had increased the burden on internal cybersecurity teams.

Verizon’s Internet Dedicated Services provides wide area network connectivity with a built-in firewall for added security. The service is supported by Cisco Meraki and 4G LTE backup, ensuring that mission-critical applications always have internet connectivity. Verizon claims the service utilizes state-of-the-art routing hardware to secure and scale enterprise applications.

A few years ago, Siemens launched the Zero Trust Program to develop secure and integrated digital services. The program’s goal was to validate and confirm every user and resource and analyze each request for access and communication in real-time. Around the same time, Siemens partnered with Zscalar, a cloud security company, to provide secure and on-demand remote access to operational technology applications and systems.

“With Verizon, we found a new partner to provide secure, internet-based network access for our simple office sites. The innovative connectivity solution is designed to meet the requirements of our Zero Trust program where we never trust but always verify,” says Elmar Spreitzer, the head of the IT digital foundation at Siemens.

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