Veea unveils smart computing hub and ultra-compact Wi-Fi 6 mesh router for edge applications

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Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider Veea recently unveiled new edge-focused devices at Qualcomm‘s signature global event, Smart Cities Accelerate 2021, which took place in San Diego between September 28th and 29th.

At the event, Veea released two new models of VeeaHub products, STAX and BOLT, respectively. Both of them are based on Qualcomm components to support a wide range of smart vertical use cases.

The STAX edge computing hub

STAX is an ultracompact, stackable, multi-protocol edge computing hub with integrated wireless access, including Wi-Fi 6, server-class processing, and mesh scalability.

The hub also supports VeeaWare, Veea’s edge software platform that allows containerized applications to run on one VeeaHub or a micro-cloud of VeeaHub units that are clustered together on a mesh network at the “Device Edge” of the user premises.

VeeaWare applications are secured by a chain of trust that includes hardware secure boot supported by bootstrap and enrollment servers with Single Sign-on (SSO) across the entire platform.

Additional features include unique secure lightweight Docker containers with digitally signed software applications, as well as advanced encryption for all network connections both local and in the cloud.

​​The STAX base unit - Veea

The STAX base unit (pictured) measures 4” X 4” X 2” and can be combined with other modules for additional functions.
Source: Veea

In terms of specific features, the STAX hub offers enterprise-class tri-band Wi-Fi 6, Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, a 64-bit quad-core Linux processor, and up to 2TB of local storage.

It also supports cellular connectivity through optional 4G (Gigabit LTE) and 5G (Sub-6 GHz) SD-WAN stackable modules as either a primary or a failover WAN connection with or without an optional cloud-based full security stack.

When used via a mobile network, STAX can be bootstrapped and activated over a cellular connection with its combination of USIM, eSIM, and vSIM capabilities.

The solution can be implemented through one 12-layer PCBA measuring 4×4 inches on its sides and incorporates Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Classic, as well as a range of IEEE 802.15.4 protocol-based solutions.

The BOLT Wi-Fi 6 mesh router

According to Veea, the device aims to deliver enterprise-class Wi-Fi 6 mesh router technology for highly simplified deployments.

BOLT comes with optional features like “Automation for Smart Spaces”, intended for home, hotel, and dormitory rooms, nursing homes, and other adjacent consumer-friendly use cases.

These capabilities enable BOLT to intuitively provide integration with products and peripherals from several vendors, including lighting, HVAC, air quality management, security alarm, cameras, door locks, shades, garage door openers, and more.

“The VeeaHub STAX and VeeaHub BOLT extend the capabilities of our edge platform, which is raising the bar in edge computing simplicity,” explained Veea CEO Allen Salmasi.

The executive also explained how the new products have been developed for use at the Device Edge, which is currently the first and the more critical network touchpoint before making the WAN connection.

“The solution architecture substantially minimizes the backhaul requirements for data-intensive activities, improves resiliency for mission-critical edge computing applications, and facilitates data ownership and privacy to meet regulatory requirements such as GDPR,” Salmasi added.

Moving forward, the CEO said Veea will continue to innovate, to deliver edge products that can be deployed easily and efficiently.

“With a very small physical footprint that nonetheless provides server-grade processing and scalable storage, we have broken the edge barrier with products that include zero-touch plug-and-play ease of use and multilevel security features that the market demands today.”

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