Veea offers toolkit for faster, easier edge app development

Veea offers toolkit for faster, easier edge app development

Veea Inc. has announced the availability of a comprehensive IoT Toolkit which application developers can use to quickly build, orchestrate and manage highly integrated hybrid edge/cloud IoT solutions at scale on the Veea Edge Platform.

Software applications built with the IoT Toolkit, running on a single VeeaHub Smart Edge Node (SEN) or a mesh network of VeeaHubs at the edge, can simultaneously connect to and process data from many different types of IoT devices via a variety of wireless and wired connections. Additionally, the IoT Toolkit incorporates support for IoT Tools for Azure, which allows developers to readily integrate and run Microsoft Azure IoT Edge Services on VeeaHub devices. Using these tools, multiple edge/IoT applications, including Azure IoT modules, can be built to run side-by-side on one or more VeeaHubs on a computing mesh of networked wired and wireless SENs in any mix of indoor and outdoor environments. The edge/IoT-based solutions made possible with these new tools can serve a wide range of markets and industries, making them ideal for IoT Solution Providers, Independent Software Vendors, System Integrators, and enterprises building their own custom IoT solutions.

As the number of IoT devices and connected sensors skyrockets, IoT system implementors face challenges in complexity, security, scale and performance. In most current IoT solutions, a substantial amount of data is transmitted between the devices and the cloud, continuously driving up the recurring costs of bandwidth utilization and the cloud-based processing and storage. By using VeeaHub’s highly integrated edge processing resources to pre-process, filter, curate, and transfer disparate IoT device data to and from their associated cloud-based workloads, more efficient, more resilient, economical, secure, and higher-performing IoT system solutions are possible.

VeeaHubs, which are Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT, provide an unmatched level of edge network integration by combining edge server processing, mesh computing and networking, and multiple LAN, PAN, and WAN connectivity options into a single Wi-Fi Access Point form factor and footprint. IoT applications built with the new IoT Toolkit take advantage of Veea’s vBus technology, supporting microservices and APIs, to create an application mesh. IoT applications running in isolation in Veea’s highly unique secure lightweight Docker containers on any VeeaHub can access any IoT device attached to any other VeeaHub on the local mesh network, greatly simplifying deployment and network scaling. Veea’s IoT Toolkit also simplifies the discovery and integration of IoT devices across a variety of VeeaHub-supported interfaces and protocols, including Wi-Fi, LoRaWAN, Zigbee, Bluetooth and Ethernet. VeeaHubs also offer WAN Internet/cloud connectivity via cellular 4G LTE as well as fiber, cable, and satellite connections.

IoT solutions built for the Veea Edge Platform can leverage VeeaHub’s powerful 64-bit ARM quad-core processor running Linux, allowing applications to run autonomously and locally, without cloud dependency. Alternatively, application developers can create hybrid edge/cloud processing solutions that can reduce bandwidth costs by offloading cloud-based processing to the VeeaHub server, improve responsiveness for mission-critical applications requiring very low latency, and even keep things running when the broadband connection goes down.

Another unique feature of the total solution offered by Veea is the vTPN full security stack, which provides for Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) IoT, or SASE-IoT, protection as an optional companion for the IoT applications running on the platform. Many IoT applications in the market are now connecting billions of devices to cloud workloads, including for mission critical applications, with little or no security. SASE-IoT, while treating LAN and WAN connectivity as a single extended network fabric with Zero Trust Networking (ZTN), substantially minimizes IoT security risks with Unified Threat Management including Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), web and app filtering, global security node information and event management, one of the strongest encryptions in the industry, and intrusion detection, anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware software.

“Our IoT Toolkit makes it easy to rapidly build customized or Azure IoT supported applications for the Veea Edge Platform, which are easy to deploy, manage and maintain locally and/or from the cloud,” says Mohan Gundu, Vice President, IoT Apps and Cloud Services at Veea. “The IoT Toolkit handles most of the details of managing and connecting to IoT devices supporting different protocols simultaneously, allowing developers to focus on creating the value-added services for their customers’ requirements, while significantly shortening their development and deployment cycles. Never before has this level of functionality and performance been available in an IoT platform solution.”

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