Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid now available in 32 US markets

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Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid now available in 32 US markets

Vapor IO has announced that its Kinetic Grid is now available in 32 US markets. According to Vapor IO, there are already six live deployments and more US markets are currently “Customer Ready.”

With Vapor IO’s just-in-time delivery model, a customer can sign a contract and have a market live in under 90 days. To make this happen, Vapor IO says the 32 markets have fully completed the most time-consuming work, including signing land leases, pulling permits, pouring concrete foundations, digging fiber laterals, etc. The only differentiating factor between Customer Ready and live markets is the actual Vapor Edge Module deployment and commissioning.

“We’ve been working tirelessly to meet demand and bring the Kinetic Grid to additional markets,” said Cole Crawford, founder and CEO of Vapor IO. “We’re thrilled to announce the availability of the Kinetic Grid in 32 US markets as of today.”

The 32 available markets include Atlanta, Boston-Worcester, Buffalo, Birmingham, Chicago, Charlotte, Cincinnati/Dayton, Columbus, Connecticut, Cleveland, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Fort Myers, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Miami, Nashville, Orlando, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Providence, Pittsburgh, Rochester, Raleigh, San Antonio, Syracuse, Seattle, Tampa, and Washington DC-Baltimore.

Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid combines multi-tenant colocation with high-speed networking and software-defined interconnection. In turn, the grid delivers flexible, highly distributed Internet and communications infrastructure at the edge of wired and wireless networks.

Both carriers and clouds have equal standing with Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid, which is cloud-neutral and carrier-neutral. Vapor IO’s neutral host architecture equilibrates the power dynamic between clouds and carriers, lowering overall expenses and allowing for new use cases with scalable nationwide delivery.

Some everyday use cases include:

  • Private Networks: Kinetic Grid from Vapor IO lowers the cost and TCO of private networks. It also speeds the delivery and convenience of edge services that use those networks.
  • Near Premises: Because the Kinetic Grid offers on-premises performance and security, enterprises can move more on-premises workloads to locations near-premises with private or public clouds.
  • New as-a-Service Applications: The Kinetic Grid is allowing a new breed of service providers to offer businesses innovative services on a consumption basis. Vapor IO collaborator Hypersive, for example, is using the Kinetic Grid to provide video management and protection as an on-demand service.

“Our Kinetic Grid platform is enabling new use cases with new economics, reducing the time, cost and complexity of our customers’ multi-market edge deployments,” stated Crawford.

Compass Intelligence recently recognized Vapor IO with the 2022 Edge Computing Company of the Year award. The award acknowledges Vapor IO for its Kinetic Grid platform, the world’s first Open Grid network.

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