Trilogy Networks adds edge CDN partner to bolster Rural Cloud

Trilogy Networks adds edge CDN partner to bolster Rural Cloud

Trilogy Networks continues to bolster the Rural Cloud Initiative roster of partners, adding picoNETS, a provider of edge content delivery services to the list of companies aiming to accelerate the digital transformation of rural America.

PicoNETS is a provider of content delivery services through caching technology. Where it differs from a traditional CDN architecture is in its focus on content caching deeper in the network. The company’s software can reside at the access edge in carrier MEC and cell tower environments or on-premise for applications such as retail stores, universities and other campus environments, and the like.

For RCI’s carrier providers, PicoNETS could be installed to help reduc congestion on their networks and lowering data transmission latency by placing content such as video, gaming applications, and AR/VR applications closer to users. This is important in rural areas because applications and content have traditionally been served from major metropolitan areas located (many) hundreds of miles away from where the users are.

“PicoNETS will play a vital role in enabling the RCI and our carrier providers to greatly enhance edge content delivery and edge computing capabilities in rural areas,” said George Woodward, CEO at Trilogy Networks and board member on the US Precision Agriculture Connectivity Task Force.

Rural Cloud Initiative (RCI), founded by Trilogy Networks, is a partnership aimed at helping companies with digital transformation projects that will enable automation in multiple industries, from food and forest products but has lately focused around precision agriculture. Bringing data close to the edge to improve communication between IoT sensors and cloud and reduce latency and bandwidth requirements is a key component of those transformation efforts.

RCI grows a Farm of the Future and Digital Transformation Lab

RCI recently said that it had signed 26 network providers and 11 “Edge Innovation” partners whose aim is to create a distributed cloud covering an area of 1.5 million square miles of rural America.

Hurst Greenery in Westboro, MO, is the site of RCI’s “Farm of the Future,” which is using distributed cloud edge capabilities to facilitate the development of precision agriculture solutions. Trilogy’s ConEx edge delivery platform will be deployed across four locations, including sites operated by RCI partners IAMO Communications, Chat Mobility and Farmers Mutual Telephone Company. Trilogy and fellow RCI partners Pluribus Networks, ClearBlade and Lanner are teaming to deploy the project, which will include a private LTE network inclusive of Intel technology; machine vision solutions, such as crop tracking and inventory monitoring; and connected device solutions, such as temperature and humidity monitoring. With access to real time data control and decision-making of connected devices, Hurst Greenery will significantly increase overall efficiency and yield, through reductions in spoilage, energy costs, insurance and human resource costs.

The RCI also launched a Digital Transformation Showcase in Chicago hosted at the New Continuum West Chicago NAP data center. RCI partner AlefEdge deployed its Software-Defined Mobile Edge (SD-ME) platform for application enablement on the Trilogy ConEx edge delivery platform with its LinX private network access, along with direct Internet peering from United IX. Trilogy worked with Intel to develop the solution, including the use of Intel Xeon processor-based servers. The companies are showing prospects and interested developers how video delivery performance is improved compared to traditional networks.

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