Trend Micro launches CTOne to enhance 5G network security

Trend Micro launches CTOne to enhance 5G network security

Trend Micro Incorporated, a cybersecurity company, has launched CTOne, a new subsidiary dedicated to enhancing 5G network security. The group draws on Trend Micro’s culture of innovation and is its latest incubation project to become a standalone business, executives said.

“The 5G network technology has enabled new capabilities and applications requiring new cybersecurity infrastructure,” stated Eva Chen, the CEO of Trend Micro. “With our foresight and over six years of dedicated research into network technology, we are confident that CTOne will safeguard organizations in all 5G network environments.”

CTOne provides digital resilience and security for applications in private 5G networks, helping organizations to protect their networks from emerging threats. The company says it offers comprehensive protection from the network to the endpoint.

Private 5G networks have become increasingly popular due to their low latency, large bandwidth, and high-density capabilities. Grand View Research estimates that the global private 5G network market size was valued at USD 1.38 billion in 2021 and may grow with a CAGR of 49%. However, the proliferation of O-RAN, cloud networks, open-source software, and IoT devices have raised security concerns in the 5G environment.

“Safety today doesn’t guarantee safety tomorrow,” stated Jason Huang, the CEO of CTOne. “While the communications technology market is booming, business operations are facing exposure to more complex risks. CTOne enables enterprises to secure private 5G networks against potential cyberattacks and build a high-quality industrial application ecosystem.”

CTOne is also designing O-RAN and edge computing security solutions to aid enterprises in reducing cyber risks when deploying related technologies.

Trend Micro is a provider of digital security to organizations and individuals. CTOne is a subsidiary of Trend Micro and provides enterprise cybersecurity solutions for next-generation wireless networks. The company says it enables digital transformation and strengthens the resilience of communication technology.

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