Teoco CSP analytics joins Google Cloud partner program

Teoco CSP analytics joins Google Cloud partner program

Teoco, a Fairfax, Virgina-based company that services over 300 communication service providers (CSP) with analytics, has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program to bring flexible and scalable software solutions.

The company says its Helix Service Assurance solution will be enhanced with the telecommunications capabilities and tools supplied within the Google Cloud to augment its proficiency with CSP customers and their transition to 5G adoption.

The partnership will bring the ability to use and build 5G edge computing solutions to serve its enterprise customers, heighten its operational efficiency with Google Cloud solutions like easy migration tools and a VM-base architecture for network transformation plans, and analytics for real-time sights to make data-driven decisions, detect fraud, optimize networks, and implement data-heavy solutions at scale.

Teoco’s CEO Atul Jain says about the partnership, “Joining the Google Cloud Partner Advance program demonstrates TEOCO’s ongoing commitment to innovation to support our customers in their current and future transformational needs.”

Google Cloud has been busy signing a flurry of partnerships with edge technology and 5G network companies, such as IoTech, Keysight, GE Appliances, and Ericsson. In 2021, Google Cloud introduced a portfolio of products under its Google Distributed Cloud brand that is said to be compatible with many of its 5G/LTE CSP partners.


The partnership with Teoco may help Google Cloud compete in a market where cloud providers’ partnerships with communications companies us progressing rapidly. On the cloud and connectivity front, for example, Microsoft is working with Verizon to accelerate the delivery of fast and secure 5G applications. While AWS and Microsoft have been focusing on compute and network layer services, Teoco’s focus is more about applying analytics to services to maximize business value; efficient network utilization means maximizing revenue from those expensive 5G spectrum licenses, after all. This partnership has less overlap with Google services and should provide Google with an opening to more CSP deals.

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