Taipei-based Aetina unleashes Nvidia-based edge systems, software for AI deployments

Taipei-based Aetina unleashes Nvidia-based edge systems, software for AI deployments

Aetina Corporation have launched its full product series of hardware and software service-at-the-edge AI environments, including SuperEdge, MegaEdge, DeviceEdge, and AI accelerator (GPU cards) hardware solutions, and; EdgeEye, EdgeStore, and EdgeDeploy full AI application evaluating tool software solutions.

In its announcement, Aetina notes it is an experienced edge AI solution provider, knows market demands, and aims to fulfill the AI socialization process, serve AI computing workload from fog to edge computing for edge AI solutions.

For hardware solutions, Aetina made the product division by computing abilities. SuperEdge, as Aetina’s NVIDIA NGC-Ready AI inference platform, the AI training machine, allows a faster machine learning training for developers and the edge solution management platform’s critical backing. MegaEdge, the AI inference platform of IPC form factor, with flexible alternative GPU cards could bring up a more convenient edge application management. DeviceEdge, the NVIDIA Jetson-based edge computing platform, with diverse Jetson modules and compact carrier boards, delivers varied AI uses closer to society.

Regarding software solutions, Aetina contributes a more comprehensive, more thoughtful, and advanced AI service, Aetina Intelligent Management (AIM). AI projects develop in a diverse and complicated environment, from the construction at the beginning, management to maintenance, and AIM will enhance and connect the AI technology from the framework, assistant software, monitoring tool, and applications. There will be three software solutions in the AIM series: EdgeEye for device monitoring, EdgeStore for initial evaluation of AI project, and EdgeDeploy for comprehensive project management.

“We figure that when developing an AI project, it takes the most efforts and time in the initial evaluation and the solution maintenance,” says Richard Hung, Vice President of Product Research & Development Department at Aetina. “Therefore, Aetina’s hardware suite meets requests from any computing capability stage and set the AIM system to chain up all stacks and framework of AI project.”

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