neuromorphic computing


Machine learning platform Edge Impulse to support BrainChip Akida Neuromorphic IP

Edge Impulse and BrainChip have teamed up to allow Edge Impulse machine learning projects to deploy on the BrainChip MetaTF…


What are event-based vision systems for edge computing?

With the growing number of applications for computer vision, there has been a significant amount of work done in focus…


BrainChip, Prophesee to deliver “neuromorphic” event-based vision systems for OEMs

BrainChip, a neuromorphic computing IP vendor, and Prophesee, an embedded neuromorphic vision systems vendor, have partnered to deliver advanced event-based…


AI systems have a brawny new chip for the device edge: Intel’s Pohoiki Springs

(Intel Loihi neuromorphic research chips. Tim Herman/Intel Corporation) Three years after Intel Corp. introduced its Loihi neuromorphic computer chips, the…

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