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Stratus develops programs to help SIs be global ambassadors for edge computing

Stratus develops programs to help SIs be global ambassadors for edge computing

Stratus Technologies has launched a new program to enable System Integrators (SIs) to develop Edge Computing competencies and deployment expertise.

Through Stratus led training, certification, and accreditation, SIs now have the tools and support to develop Edge Computing technology practices to generate new revenue. The program’s top partnership level, Stratus Endorsed status, allows SIs to implement Stratus Edge Computing platforms using a repeatable and profitable methodology to ensure high-quality solution delivery, and to bundle Stratus Service offerings to provide on-going end user support.

“Edge Computing is a fundamental Industry 4.0 technology that delivers high value and fast payback, and represents a tremendous opportunity for System Integrators to support end users,” explains Mike Bradshaw, Senior Director, Global Channels and Partner Ecosystem at Stratus. “Less than half of end user organizations have the expertise of how and when to deploy Edge Computing. Additionally, more than 70% of manufacturers therefore look to strategic partners to operationalize solutions. Stratus’ Global System Integrator Program provides the curriculum and accreditation as well as the deployment methodology and service support SIs need to successfully deliver value for their customers at the edge.”

Tim Shope, Avid Solutions adds, “Processing and manufacturing end users are increasingly expecting product suppliers and system integrators to go beyond simply meeting their basic automation needs, which demands a wide breadth of knowledge. Due to the increasing volume of edge-generated data and the need for low-latency processing, Edge Computing has become vital. At Avid Solutions, we’re building on a foundation of Stratus Edge Computing platforms to deliver complete automation and IIoT solutions for clients. Stratus platforms combine all the computing characteristics needed for SIs to build a supportable high-performance IIoT edge automation solution.”

Jeff Geiger, Director of Sales and Marketing at Taurus Controls notes, “We help our industrial clients move from underperforming traditional technologies to modern, easy-to-manage, and highly available Edge Computing platforms. We find clients who may be apprehensive about new technologies are quickly convinced of the cost-effective benefits of Edge Computing platforms from Stratus. We’ve implemented projects ranging from the plant floor for a soy manufacturer to a biomass steam generator, and clients are seeing massive improvements in the reliability and capability of their operations. SIs working with Stratus are educating end users about the pain points solved by moving away from legacy architectures to modern Edge Computing solutions.”

The Stratus Global Systems Integrator Program is available to join at no cost, and offers partners three levels of certification and accreditation, including access to Not for Resale (NFR) units for testing and development of proof-of-concept (POC) projects.

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